Ingrid Hoffman’s Drunken Steak Fajitas with Green Pepper Sauce

Ingrid Hoffman's Steak Fajitas | Eat Something SexyThis recipe, by smoldering culinary sensation Ingrid Hoffman, features one of our favorite featured products, Cholulu Green Pepper Sauce. Although it’s a great dish for doubling or tripling to feed a crowd, we recommend making a single batch for two. Enjoy the sweet sting of chiles for dinner and see where the evening goes. Then pack up the rest in your lover’s lunch to bring back memories of your delicious evening together. Read more


The Easiest Herb Roast Chicken and Baby Fingerling Potatoes

The Easiest Herb Roast Chicken and New Potatoes | Eat Something SexySometimes it’s the little things that are most important. I’m talking about the little things like making a meal that requires little prep and bakes away happily while you spend your time on other, more meaningful things. Roast chicken is perfect for stress-free cooking. True, chicken can be mundane and is, unfortunately, often bland. But we’ve perked our bird up with aphrodisiac herbs and a pile of perfectly roasted new fingerlings. Read more


Turkey Congee With Cranberries–classic, American flavors transformed

Turkey Congee made with turkey leftovers

Recipe by Amy Reiley

I lifted the idea of using arborio rice to make congee, a Chinese rice porridge, from Ruth Reichl’s My Kitchen YearRead more


Aleppo Pepper and Apricot Glazed Chicken Thigh Recipe

apricot aleppo pepper glazed chickenOne of the intriguing ingredients that made the Spice Road the stuff of legends, Aleppo pepper brings complexity to dishes with a perfect kiss of heat. Today, the Aleppo is considered an endangered ingredient, Read more


Recipe for Chicken Thighs with Golden Lentils

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Lentils

This recipe came from a craving for that luscious flavor of smokey paprika. I stumbled on a recipe by the great Jose Andres that combine chicken thighs and lentils with the seductive combination of bacon, paprika and sherry vinegar. The original recipe was a little heavy for my taste, so I lightened it up and layered it with veggies. Read more