Cranberry Persimmon Salsa

Cranberry Persimmon Salsa Recipe

We tasted this recipe at the acclaimed Baja spa Rancho La Puerta and knew we had to share this sexy, seasonal twist on a Latin classic. This Cranberry and Persimmon Salsa is brilliant with tacos of every kind. And works well as a healthy sauce or topping for grilled meats, grilled fish and shrimp.

Chef’s tip

The folks at Rancho La Peurta sent a couple of key tips along with this persimmon salsa recipe, “On Rancho La Puerta’s organic farm, we cultivate the squat persimmons known as fuyu. These persimmons are ready in the fall. Fuyu persimmons are non-astringent, (less tannic than many other persimmon varieties), and get sweeter after picking. But don’t confuse ripening with rotting; use the fruit when it’s still somewhat firm. The larger, heart-shaped persimmons are NOT suitable for this recipe. If you can’t find fuyus, mango can be used in place of the persimmon.”

A salsa of aphrodisiac proportions

Both cranberries and persimmons have aphrodisiac properties. Cranberries are an excellent source of antioxidants. Read more about the aphrodisiac side of cranberries. Persimmon is also linked with anti-aging. And it is considered a good source of several nutrients vital to sexual health. While you don’t necessarily have to serve this tempting salsa as part of a meal of seduction, (it’s also a great accompaniment for a Thanksgiving feast), it’s nice to know that you’re giving your body ingredients that are going to go to work for you!


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Cranberry Persimmon Salsa
Cranberry Persimmon Salsa
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Cooling Time
30 mins
Total Time
20 mins

This easy salsa recipe puts a sweet spin on salsa. Use it on tacos, or as a topping for grilled fish or meat. 

Course: Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: Salsa
Dish Type: salsa
Cooking Style: Easy, vegan
Diet and Health: Healthy, low calorie, low fat
Seasonal: autumn, Christmas, Halloween, Holiday season, Thanksgiving
Ingredient: persimmon
Servings: 2 cups
Created by: Rancho La Puerta
  • 1 c fresh cranberries
  • 2-3 tbsp rice wine vinegar unseasoned
  • 1/4 cup diced red onion
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro leaves
  • 1/4 Serrano or Jalapeño pepper seeded and minced
  • sea salt to taste
  • 4 tbsp fresh lime juice or to taste
  • 4 whole small fuyu persimmons peeled and cut into 1/4-inch dice, or substitute 1 mango
  1. Cook cranberries very gently in sweet rice wine vinegar until skins pop. Monitor fluid level carefully.
  2. Set aside to cool.
  3. Combine all other ingredients in a serving bowl, adding cranberries and persimmons last.
  4. Serve over tacos or other grilled favorites.

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Cranberry Persimmon Salsa



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