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Choose the Best Sugar–Step # 6 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Consider the sugar in your diet

Sugars, like fats, are better for you when they’re all-natural. You want to choose the best sugar. Minimizing your intake of refined sugar can do wonders for your body. You don’t want the internal struggle brought on by trying to break down all that sweetness. After all, that’s a process proven to slow you down–inside and out.  (Sugar is linked with high cholesterol. It can cause fat buildup in the liver and, of course, contributes to obesity.)

Now, we’re not saying you need to eliminate sugar. That’s just not realistic. But what you want to do is choose the best sugar. 

What is “the best” sugar?

Sugar is our primary fuel. But like a sexy little sports car, your body wants the premium stuff. But what’s the best stuff? Naturally occurring sugars like the ones found in fruits and vegetables are best. But if you need to layer on the sweetness, look for less processed options like honey, agave nectar and molasses. Yes, they’re simple sugars but at least they’re minimally processed. Another plus is that they tend to be sweeter than the white, granulated stuff. And the sweeter the sugar, the less you’ll need to use! A great example is this Cacao and Raspberry Oatmeal recipe.

Sugar and your libido

You don’t have to nix the jelly beans entirely but keep this in mind as you pop the chocolate kisses: according to research performed at the Child & Family Research Institute in Vancouver, overeating sugar can cause the gene that controls the level of testosterone and estrogen in the body to shut down.

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