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Choctal: Greatest Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream Ever

Single Origin Ice Creams We’ve tasted some pretty amazing ice creams. We are, in fact, jaded. But we never experienced anything like Choctal’s single origin ice creams. Like a global study in terroir, Choctal’s four single-origin chocolate and single-origin vanilla ice creams are all about the distinct flavors of the world’s greatest ingredients.

Drinking the Health Benefits of Coconut with These Elegant Teas

We have an addiction to Tea forté. As a beverage company, it really brings everything to the table as far as we’re concerned: innovative products, on-trend design, luxurious packaging, delicious flavors and now they’ve added health benefits of coconut to the list. Sure, it could be argued that there are health benefits to many brewed […]


Fig & Tulsi Lassi Recipe with Honey and Almonds

This recipe comes to us from Nandita Godbole’s A Dozen Ways To Celebrate: Twelve Decadent Indian Feasts For The Culinary Indulgent. We love Nandita’s philosophy that food should be experienced, not just consumed. Her Fig & Tulsi Lassi offers an experience that hints both at the flavors of summer and something sensually exotic.