Nielsen Masey Natural Extracts for Better Baking

Nielsen-Massey Natural Extracts are the Perfect Baking Accessories

All-natural extracts

We love Nielsen-Massey organic vanilla extracts. We have for years. And we’ve always loved flavoring Champagne with a drop of their rose water. (Get our recipe here.) But the vanilla specialists also have an entire line of flavored natural extracts. We’ve tried several and we’re impressed with how these extracts develop flavor of baked goods and sweets.

We love that the line of \extracts is all-natural. And it’s made with premium botanicals and other high-grade ingredients. The almond extract, one of our favorites in the line, makes a great example. It’s made from pure oil of bitter almond in a base of alcohol. (One thing that’s important to note: these flavor extracts use a base of alcohol.)

Other favorites in this line of natural extracts include pure chocolate and coffee. These flavorings give intensity and richness to ice creams, brownies and aphrodisiac cocktails. Orange blossom and natural lemon extracts add a hint of citrus to both savory and sweet dishes. (We actually can’t get enough of the lemon, which adds the fruit’s brightness without an acidic bite.)

Discover Nielsen-Massey

Nielsen-Massey was founded in 1907 to create aromas for cleaning products. About 10 years later, they added the manufacturing of vanilla products to their repertoire. And then in the 2000’s, they added this line of natural extracts in a variety of flavors. In other words, this is a brand with over 100 years of history in the business of aromatics and natural flavorings. They really know what they’re doing.

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