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The Best Chocolate For Baking – if you love chocolate, you need this

A premium, American chocolate company Scharffen Berger built a name as a leading, artisan chocolate company based in the U.S.A. The company was founded in 1997 by winemaker John Sharffenberger and chocolate authority Robert Steinberg. (Incidentally, the company was acquired by Hershey’s in 2005. However Sharffenberger stays active in the company, working to maintain the […]

Why We Use All-Natural Cleaning Products in Our Kitchen

We didn’t always use all-natural cleaning products in our test kitchen. But we do now. The reason is simple. A couple of years ago, Amy developed severe allergies and chemical sensitivities. The kitchen started making her sick. We knew we had to do one of two things. We could excuse her from all cleaning duties. […]