Three white bowls of peach gazpacho on a whitewashed wooden table

Summer Lovers’ Peach Gazpacho

 A peach gazpacho recipe from fork me, spoon me: the sensual cookbook

If you’ve ever created a dish, you understand how heart wrenching it can be to part with the recipe. It feels like divulging your secrets will let the world know that you are a fraud. That everyone will realize that your skills in the kitchen have nothing to do with actual cooking talent but a knack for throwing together a bunch of ingredients. That’s how I felt when I gave this peach gazpacho recipe away in my first cookbook, Fork Me, Spoon Me But I knew my peach gazpacho was the sort of simple yet almost magical food I was promoting in a book book that promised creating romance for any level of cook. (And that included the kind of cook who can’t even boil water.) And you don’t have to–know how to boil water, that is, to make this Peach Gazpacho recipe.

The quintessential summer soup

This is my go-to summer soup recipe. To me, it tastes like the sweetness of childhood mixed with sunshine and just a hint of salt. (It’s like that flavor you get when you lick your lips after a day at the beach.) Although I love wine and in my other career work as a wine writer and critic, I’m not usually one to recommend wine pairings. But for this soup, there just may be a perfect wine.

A wine pairing suggestion

If you can get your hands on a bottle of Peju Winery’s Provence, a red and white blended table wine from the Napa Valley, you must try it with this soup. (Serve the wine chilled.) I discovered the combination when teaching an aphrodisiac cooking class at the winery and as far as I’m concerned, the pairing of Peach Gazpacho and Peju Provence is pure magic.

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Three white bowls of peach gazpacho on a whitewashed wooden table
Summer Lovers' Peach Gazpacho
Prep Time
15 mins

This recipe comes from Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbook. 

Course: Appetizer, Lunch
Cuisine: American
Dish Type: soup
Cooking Style: Easy, fast, Vegetarian
Diet and Health: Healthy
Seasonal: Fourth of July, Labor Day, summer
Ingredient: peach
Servings: 4 as a main course, 6-8 as an appetizer
Created by: Amy Reiley
For the soup:
  • 2 c peaches peeled and diced
  • 1 1/4 c honeydew diced
  • 1/2 c orange juice
  • 1 T fresh basil coarsely chopped
  • salt to taste
  • 1 T chevre crumbled
  • 1 T fresh basil minced
For the crostini:
  • 1 crusty baguette
  • 2 cloves raw garlic peeled and halved
  • 2 T chevre softened
  1. In a blender, combine the peaches, honeydew, orange juice, 1 T basil and a couple pinches of salt. Blend to a smooth cream.
  2. Divide soup among four dishes and garnish with cheese and remaining basil.
  3. Serve cold with chevre crostini on the side.
For the crostini:
  1. Slice the baguette on the diagonal into ½ inch thick slices.
  2. Lightly toast in a 325 degree oven, turning once.
  3. Rub each side of the toasted bread with the cut side of the garlic then spread with ½ T chevre.
  4. Serve warm with the chilled soup.

For more of Amy’s aphrodisiac magic, check out Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbook.

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