Woman on Wine

with Amy Reiley

It’s proven that women are more sensitive than men to the subtleties of taste.  They also tend to give more provocative, enticing descriptions of wine. That’s why we have women do our wine writing. (We do also welcome the views of men but our two wine columnists happen to both be women.) Enter Woman on Wine.

Amy Reiley, aphrodisiac foods expert and wine writerIn her monthly column, Woman on Wine, our internationally recognized wine and spirits writer and woman on wine Amy Reiley brings us her personal tasting notes. Inspired by wine trends and sometimes just a great wine, Reiley’s column goes in-depth into wine topics you want to learn about, with tasting notes for wines you’ll be running out to try.

red wine being poured into a wine glass

Chianti Classico Reviews to Get You Excited About Italian Wine

There’s a school of thought, or perhaps a school of not giving a thought, that all wines from one country should be lumped into a category. I find myself suppressing a smile when someone refers to “French wine” or “Italian wine.” But in reality, a fine Bordeaux is to Champagne as…Southern soul food is to […]

Domaine de Cala – you need to stock up for summer

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley Earlier this month, I was invited to a wine dinner at the home of Joachim Splichal. If you think that name rings a bell, it should. He’s the man behind the wildly successful Patina Group restaurant empire based in Los Angeles. But if you’re into wine—especially, good value wine, […]

The Great Value Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Alma de Cattleya

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley Every once in a while, I encounter a winery, a person, a little-known region that I can’t get out of my head. When that happens, I scrap my month’s column and dedicate all my energy to bringing you this special something that lingers in my every thought. This month […]

Furmint Wine Recommendations–all you need to know about Furmint

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley I feel immense pressure to write about wine and romance every February. The two do go hand-in-hand. But that doesn’t mean I have to take the time every February to talk with you about the wines that will make your heart flutter or draw suitors to your boudoir. In fact, […]

California Cabernet Sauvignon Recommendations

In Celebration of California Cabernet Sauvignon

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley Inspired by another assignment from Gayot.com, I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before in the context of my Woman on Wine column: talk about Cabernet Sauvignon. (Specifically, I’m dedicating this column to California Cabernet Sauvignon.) True, I’ve included individual Cabs and Cabernet-based blends in stories in […]


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