woman on wine with Amy Reiley
It’s proven that women are more sensitive than men to the subtleties of taste.  They also tend to give more provocative, enticing descriptions of wine. That’s why we have women do our wine writing. In her monthly column, Woman on Wine, our internationally recognized wine and spirits journalist and woman on wine Amy Reiley brings us her personal tasting notes. Get inspired to try something new from her latest wine recommendations.

2016 Cordon Chardonnay

The Wineries of Santa Barbara County–discover the pleasures of Santa Barbara Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley This month’s column is a sentimental choice for me. The wineries of Santa Barbara County were profoundly affected by the recent wildfires and mudslides. Although, unlike the Northern California fires, the wineries themselves were, for the most part, far from the fire lines. But the impact to the community and […]

The Sustainable Winemaking of Gerard Bertrand

Drinking Wine that Makes a Difference–discover the sustainable winemaking of Gerard Bertrand

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley The beginning of the year is traditionally when we focus on how to better ourselves and our world. I don’t know about you but I feel pretty powerless when I think about what our world needs. However I’m not ready to sink into the pool of hopelessness. Instead, I’m […]

Castell d'Age Cuvee "Anne Marie" a premium Cava from Spain

Premium Cava Perfect for Celebrations

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley You’re probably already familiar with Spanish sparkling wine, or Cava. But the wines you most likely know are the ones from two or three producers that are priced around the ten-dollar mark. Don’t get me wrong, I drink my share of them, too! These are perfect, dry and reasonably […]

Imagery Chardonnay makes a good Thanksgiving Wine

Why Make Buying Thanksgiving Wines Complicated?

I tend to focus my monthly column on wines that are unusual, small production or somehow obscure. I somehow feel as though it’s my duty to share my knowledge of those things that are exciting and possibly little known about the wine industry. But we don’t always need an education. Sometimes we just need a […]

Celli wines of Emilia-Romagna

Discover Spectacular Wines from Emilia-Romagna–this region’s not just for Parmesan!

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley Of all Italy’s glorious food and wine regions, Emilia-Romagna may be one of the least known. But it’s a food lover’s dream! If you’re familiar with the name, it’s probably because it’s the origin of Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto de Parma. Those are names we know. But what most […]