Riedel O glasses

The Big O–why you’re going to love Riedel O glasses

In February of 2004, the first family of stemware, Riedel crystal, cut out the middleman between glass and lips. That is, they released a stunning new line of glassware sans stems. According to the manufacturer, the name “O” refers to the glasses’ rounded shape, but we have a few interpretations of our own.

Beyond the innuendos invoked by sexy glass shape, the “O” glasses combine quality craftsmanship. Not to mention it has a stunning think-outside-the-box design. The bowl of the glasses replicate those of Riedel’s Vinum series with six shapes, each appropriate for different wine styles including Cab/Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir/Nebbiolo.

We should make one thing clear: these glasses are impossible for cocktail soirees. Without a graceful stem to balance, the drinker is forced to clutch the glass by the bowl a shameful disservice to wine within.

But for dinner parties these tumblers are as fine as a twenty-something starlet dressed in vintage Chanel. Treading a comfortable line between trend-setting and classic, the “O” glasses afford never before seen practicality. Sturdy but sensuous these low to the table numbers are nearly spill-proof. And just think how much easier it will be to make eyes with the Cassanova across the table without having to play dodge the stemware.


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