the key to a romantic Valentine's Day

Cooking Up a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Diva Dish with aphrodisiac food authority Diane Brown

Language is rich and decadent in romance novels, a certain way to arouse the reader and create a fantasy world. In fact, when I looked at the most frequently used words in the average romance novel, the top five were need, want, pleasure, mouth and stir. The lingo evokes bodice-ripping heroines; but passion not only rules lovers, it guides good cooks. As columnist Harriet Van Horne wrote, “Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” And as a cook and romantic, I’m sharing with you the way you can use passion to cook your way to a romantic Valentine’s Day.

It’s in the teamwork

tips for cooking up a romantic Valentine's Day or date nightWith the right partner beside you, cooking and preparing a romantic Valentine’s Day meal together is the ultimate turn on. Again, the language of preparing food is sumptuous: Sizzle, melt, percolate, coddle, fold, stir. Start the evening off right, booty-to-booty in the kitchen, stirring yummy-smelling goodies. Kick things up a notch, giving a shoulder rub to your partner as she valiantly chops, or slipping behind Chef Boy for a squeeze while he stirs an aromatic sauce. Now you’re really starting to cook up all sorts of erotic possibilities and a promise of an appetite that will be satisfied later. Just don’t forget about knives being sharp and stovetops being hot if you abandon yourself while dinner is simmering.

Language of love

Cupid’s night spent in the kitchen creates the most delectable language of love. Stir things up with a wild mushroom risotto, topped with sensual scallops, toast your amore with a Valentini, stirred, not shaken, and get wild with a seductive soufflé…stirring, whipping and folding, oh my! On this romantic Valentine’s Day, stir up a little passion in the kitchen.

Get my recipes for a romantic Valentine’s Day

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Seared Scallops
Seductive Chocolate-Espresso Souffles
Valentini Cocktail

Diane Brown is author of The Seduction Cookbook: Culinary Creations For LoversCooking Up a Romantic Valentine's Day 1Cooking Up a Romantic Valentine's Day 3Cooking Up a Romantic Valentine's Day 1


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