Bottle of good clean love indian spice love oil

Good Clean Love Indian Spice Love Oil

Love oil? Yes please!

A massage oil with a sensual impact

Indian Spice Love Oil is a massage and bath oil designed for romance. Manufactured by Good Clean Love, this oil for couples is designed to respond to each user’s unique body chemistry. How does it work? Instead of mask your pheromones, the oil’s subtle sent enhances the user’s pheromones, to heighten the sense of attraction. As the oil soothes the skin with its silky formula of essential oils, its aromas play on you and your partner’s emotional connection.

The love oil is made with a base of organic apricot kernel and jojoba oils with the addition of vitamin E, also known as the sex vitamin. (Learn more about vitamin E and your sexual health.) Then it is layered with a proprietary blend of essential oils. I assume most users buy the love oil as a massage oil. And it is an excellent, lightweight oil for massage. (As a certified massage therapist, I should know.) However, its uses are only limited by the imagination! It is also a great bath oil, lip moisturizer for kissing or body moisturizer.

Get to know Good Clean Love

If you’re a woman, Good Clean Love is a company you need to know. This company is dedicated to making female hygiene products from the best available natural ingredients. Their products are all paraben and petrochemical-free. And they use only natural fragrances and flavorings. Although the company is dedicated to women’s hygiene, Good Clean Love makes intimacy products suitable for both sexes. In fact, the Indian Spice Love Oil is designed for men and women and gets a big thumbs up from partners of both genders. And although it is my personal favorite, the love oil is not the only aphrodisiac product the company makes.

For information on retailers and to discover the whole aphrodisiac line, visit Good Clean Love.


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