Green Valley Organics Lactose Free

Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free Dairy

Several members of the Eat Something Sexy team are, sadly, lactose intolerant. (They’re not alone. In fact, it is estimated that 12% of the American population has dairy intolerance.) But it means no decadent cream soups or cheese and sour cream-laden nachos around our office! Well, that is until Green Valley Organics decided to get into the dairy-free game. And when we were approached to give Green Valley Organics lactose-free dairy products, including sour cream, kefir, cream cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese a try, we were as excited as children being handed free ice cream cones. Why don’t more companies offer lactose-free dairy products? While producing a lactose free milk isn’t too challenging, apparently it’s much harder to culture lactose-free milk into things like yogurt. But Green Valley has mastered the technique.

The flavor

We’ve tried the entire line and there’s really little to no flavor difference between these and their dairy counterparts. The Whole Milk Kefir is a particularly, dense, rich and decadent version. We loved using it in cooking and found that it even works as a substitute for buttermilk.

Organic and gluten-free

Although the Green Valley Organics lactose-free products are geared toward the no-dairy market, they are made from high quality, gluten-free, organic products that will benefit anyone. As for the taste, our dairy friendly friends can taste little or no difference.

Thank you Green Valley Organics! To check out all the products, visit the Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free website.

Now, if someone could just invent dairy-free cream…

(To try one of our favorite recipes using the Green Valley Organics lactose-free kefir, check out Amy Reiley’s recipe for Sweet Corn Soup.)


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