Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Brownie Recipe from Eat Cake Naked

gluten-free chocolate chunk brownies from Eat Cake NakedI feel like I’ve been talking about nothing but my new book for month. (In truth, I probably have!) We’re only a few days away from the release of Eat Cake Naked: aphrodisiac desserts to heat up your love life. And I want to whet your appetite with one of my favorite recipes from the book, Love Slave Balsamic Cherry Chocolate Chunk Brownies. Read more

Markus Zusak’s Vanilla Kipferls–cookies for book lovers

Markus Zusak’s Vanilla KipferlsThis is a first for us! Although we love featuring our favorite cookbook authors, we’ve never before featured an author’s dish from a work of fiction. But when the folks at The Book Club Cookbook recommended this recipe, how could we say no? In addition to working it’s way into Zusak’s The Book Thief, the recipe for Markus Zusak’s Vanilla Kipferls appears in The Book Club Cookbook, an entire tome dedicated to recipes from great books and authors. Read more

Alphahores–aka Famous Tango Cookies

Alphahores--aka Famous Tango Cookies from Marcy GoldmanI have to give a HUGE thanks to Marcy Goldman of BetterBaking.com for sharing these seductive little temptations with us. This Alphahores recipe is from her cookbook, The New Best of BetterBaking.com by Whitecap Books. I love dulce de leche and I’ve never figured out a way to incorporate it into my Holiday baking…until this brilliant recipe! Read more

Dutch Crunchy Coconut Cookies (biscuits Hollandais à la noix de coco)

Dutch Crunchy Coconut CookiesThis recipe for Dutch Crunchy Coconut Cookies comes to us from cookbook author Micheline Mongrain-Dontigny. An expert on the cuisine and culinary traditions of Quebec, she translated this recipe from French especially for our readers. The cookie recipe comes from her book Les Grands Classiques de la Cuisine d’IciRead more

Biscottini di Caffè e Noce (aka Espresso Walnut Cookies)

Biscottini di Caffè (little espresso cookies)Although in plain English these are espresso walnut cookies, they sound so much more sexy when called Biscottini di Caffè e Noce. Suddenly, these elegant little cookies are the sort of things you nibble while caressing a lover’s hand at an outdoor, European cafe. The recipe comes to us from Roberta Roberti. It comes from the dessert edition of her ebook series, Vegetarian Italian: Traditions. Read more