favorite food links

favorite food linksenlist! associations for foodies and pros


BBC Food – what a food television website should be
Becoming a Chef – home to two of the best food writers in America
Chow – the online ‘zine affiliated with Chowhound packed with smartass, irreverent and often cutting edge commentary
Nation’s Restaurant News – skinny on the biz
Food and Wine Online – keep up with Food and Wine mag even if you’re too cheap to subscribe
Food Reference – where the food geeks get their own special brand of internet porn
chocolateatlas.com – chocoholics unite!
Leite’s Culinaria – Founded by food writer David Leite, this is one of those sites you shouldn’t visit until you have a full day free – because you will, I promise, want to stay here forever
The Food Section – NYC-based site covering hot food news, (they cover cold food, too)
Alimentum Journal – literary review dedicated to food
Food Porn – ummm… just look
Lucky Peach – website of the fabulously irreverent food magazine


Epicurious – hit the biggest recipe index on the web?
Cooking Light – Website of the food magazine, including an index of healthy, easy recipes
Cook’s Thesaraus – for those cooking 911 moments, check here for suggestions on ingredient substitutions
Crooked Brook – Look good while you’re getting dirty with the sexiest chef coats ever designed
ChefsLine – a hotline supplying professional chefing advice for your stickiest kitchen situations (get your mind out of the gutter!)
Om Organics – the great big website of organic food
Chocolate and Zucchini – meanderings of a Parisian food enthusiast with a somewhat sexy slant


Chowhound – where food lovers congregate to trade dining experiences
Gayot.com – fab international resource for restaurants, travel and a few extraneous somethings


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