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Did we leave you wanting more? You need our favorite food links

If our site has inspired you to get in the kitchen and cook up something sexy, choose better foods, celebrate every sensual morsel, then our job is complete. But your journey is just beginning. This list of our favorite food links includes some resources we recommend for organizations you can join to find like-minded sensualists, places to shop, more to read, and additional sites with reputable food resources. Enjoy!

Enlist! Associations for food lovers and pros

Culinary Institute of America
James Beard Foundation
Rock & Wrap it Up
Women for Winesense

Where to Shop

Sur La Table
Riedel Stemware
The Body Deli
The Spice House
Wolf Ranges

What to Read

BBC Food – what a food television website should be
Nation’s Restaurant News – skinny on the restaurant business
Leite’s Culinaria – Founded by food writer David Leite, this is one of those sites you shouldn’t visit until you have a full day free – because you will, I promise, want to stay here forever
The Food Section – NYC-based site covering hot food news, (they cover cold food, too)
Alimentum Journal – literary review dedicated to food

cookingCook your best

Epicurious – hit the biggest recipe index on the web
Cooking Light – Website of the food magazine, including an index of healthy, easy recipes
Cook’s Thesaraus – for those cooking 911 moments, check here for suggestions on ingredient substitutions
Crooked Brook – Look good while you’re getting dirty with the sexiest chef coats ever designed
ChefsLine – a hotline supplying professional chefing advice for your stickiest kitchen situations (get your mind out of the gutter!)
Om Organics – the great big website of organic food
Chocolate and Zucchini – meanderings of a Parisian food enthusiast with a somewhat sexy slant


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