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The Greek Golden Arrow – a romantic menu for two

Diva Dish with Diane Brown

Cupid gets all of the attention for Valentine’s Day. Of course, we identify this lover’s holiday with his cherubic image. But his Greek counterpart, Eros, is rarely as iconic. That’s why I’ve created this romantic menu inspired by Eros.

Now, you won’t find his name used in a Hallmark card poem, or entitling a dating website. His name doesn’t show up as a new dance craze or the title of a movie, alas, it’s considered too obscure. In the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the provincial father cites that Greek is the root of all words. If everything that is original is Greek, what happened to Eros?

The god of sexual desire

a romantic menuEros is, after all, the Greek god of love and sexual desire. He was worshiped as a fertility god, and believed to be a contemporary of the primeval Chaos, which makes Eros one of the oldest gods. Eros, like Cupid of Roman mythology, is depicted as a young winged boy, with his bow and arrows poised to shoot into the heart of gods or mortals, rousing them to desire. Eros’ arrows were said to come in two types: golden with dove feathers which aroused love, or leaden arrows which had owl feathers that caused indifference.

Invite the Greek golden arrow into your Valentine’s Day by paying homage to Eros. Serve your darling this romantic menu including a trio of luscious, light Greek salads, all infused with love-inspiring flavors. Don’t forget to stir up an amatory cocktail: The Aphrodisiac, potent with pomegranate. Make the evening even sexier by serving sans utensils, using your hands to dip, lick and sup. Feed your darling a loving bite, and bring Eros to life.

View the recipes:
Traditional Hummus
Roasted Eggplant Puree
Minted Bulghar Salad with Pine nuts and Feta
The Aphrodisiac, a cocktail

Diane Brown is author of The Seduction Cookbook: Culinary Creations For Lovers


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