Recipes for aphrodisiac cocktails from the pros you can recreate at home.

Tangerine Creamsicle–a simple vodka cocktail with aphrodisiac ingredients

Tangerine Creamsicle--a simple vodka cocktail made with fresh fruit juiceI invented this simple vodka cocktail one Friday night when I realized I was out of wine. I rummaged through the cupboards and found an unopened bottle of vanilla vodka. What would blend with it? Because we have a Soda Stream, we always have bubbly water in the house. But a Vanilla Vodka Soda did not sound quite right. What if I layered it with fresh fruit juice? Then it would practically be a health drink, not to mention an aphrodisiac. With the addition of fresh tangerine juice and a touch of simple syrup I had a cocktail layered with aphrodisiac ingredients. But how would it taste? One sip and I realized that what I’d created was an adult version of a Creamsicle. Read more

Cranberry and Chocolate Daiquiri Recipe

Cranberry and Chocolate DaiquiriPrepare to tickle your taste buds

This Cranberry and Chocolate Daiquiri recipe is perfect for those days when you want something decadent–and different! The tart flavors of cranberry and hint of chocolate make it a great winter cocktail. But this recipe also works for a girls retreat at the beach or a romantic escape any time of the year. Read more

Ginger Beer Champagne Punch Recipe

Ginger Beer Champagne Punch recipe by Brooklyn Crafted

Champagne + Ginger Beer = Aphrodisiac

We love the aphrodisiac side of ginger beer. (This potent brew is made from one of our favorite aphrodisiacs, after all.) And we make no secret of the fact that we’re huge proponents of Champagne. But we’d certainly never thought to combine the two into a ginger beer-flavored Champagne Punch recipe! Read more

A Baby Bourbon Cocktail–White Christmas in Manhattan

White Christmas in Manhattan--a Holiday Bourbon Cocktail

A Bourbon Cocktail Gets a Holiday Makeover

This recipe comes to us from Annette Tomei. It is something that she and her NYC-based spirits biz buddies have been stirring up for the Holidays. It’s a Bourbon cocktail made with one of her favorite spirits, Hudson Baby Bourbon.

The cocktail is her twist on the Big Apple classic, a Manhattan. But she uses the extraordinary flavor of Bittermen’s Spiced Cranberry bitters to give it a refreshing–and aphrodisiac twist! (You can substitute with your favorite bourbon but the bitters–a must!) Read more

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Sugared Cranberries–the perfect garnish for cocktails, desserts and even savory Holiday dishes

Sugared CranberriesThis time of year, I get cranberries on the brain. I LOVE cranberries. (And did you know, they’re aphrodisiac!) Each year, a friend from the Plymouth area–that’s right, like the Pilgrims–sends me berries from their family’s bogs and I try to play with every conceivable thing I can think of to do with these oddly tart, slightly bitter fruits. This year, I tried coating them in syrup and rolling them in sugar to make Sugared Cranberries. Read more