Recipes for aphrodisiac cocktails from the pros you can recreate at home.

Smoke on the Water--a sexy vodka cocktail

Smoke on the Water, a Sexy Vodka Cocktail with Scottish Flair

The drink choice of the costume party set The creative team…
limoncello spritzer cocktail recipe

A Limoncello Cocktail for Lovers

The Limoncello Spritzer This Limoncello cocktail recipe was…
green tea rum punch

Spicy Green Tea Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe

Rum Punch gets an update This recipe was sent to us by Palais…
ice cream cocktail

An Ice Cream Cocktail for Summer--aka the adult ice cream float

Ice cream floats are not just for kids If you're like me, you…
Spicy-Shine-Tini--a lesson in using moonshine in cocktails

Using Moonshine in Cocktails?--how to mix a drink with this mysterious spirit

Moonshine may be an unusual mixer but that just adds a layer…