Recipes for aphrodisiac cocktails from the pros you can recreate at home.

A Simple Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

The Aperol Spritz--a classic Prosecco cocktail

The Aperol Spritz, a simple Prosecco CocktailThe simple Prosecco cocktail known as the Aperol Spritz is an Italian classic. And it blends two of our favorite things: sparkling wine and simplicity.  Read more

This DRY Sparkling Recipe Makes Every Day Valentine’s Day

Dry Sparkling Love Potion Champagne CocktailIt doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love with a romantic cocktail or two. We’re stoking the fire this week with a recipe from, funnily enough, one of our favorite non-alcoholic beverage producers. Here, DRY Sparkling shows us their devilishly delicious adult beverage side… and we like it! Read more

Smoke on the Water, a Vodka Cocktail with Scottish Flair

Vodka Cocktail--Smoke on the WaterA vodka cocktail with a sexy spin

The creative team behind Stoli thought we’d appreciate this recipe because of the sensual twist it puts on the concept of a vodka cocktail. We decided Read more


Summery Ice Cream Cocktail (the adult ice cream float!)

Why should the summertime ice cream floats be reserved for the kids? When Campari sent us this recipe we said, “Yes! We deserve something creamy, refreshing and most definitely adult.” Read more


Old Irish Blackballer Cocktail Recipe

NitroBrew Cocktail RecipeThis week we featured NitroBrew, a cutting edge gadget that adds texture to drinks with nitrogen. Although it was originally created for beer and coffee, NitroBrew, as we mentioned, takes cocktails to a new level. We wanted to show you that sensuality so we’re publishing one of their recipes, created by Jacob Tschetter, aka The Bearded Alchemist. Now, of course, it requires that you invest in a NitroBrew of your own but maybe once you read the details, you will understand that your bar is naked without one.

NitroBrew Cocktail Recipe

Old Irish Blackballer Cocktail Recipe

Course: cocktail


  • 2 oz Teeling Small Batch Whiskey
  • 3 oz Cold Brew or Iced Coffee
  • 5 oz Bittermen’s New Orleans Chicory liqueur
  • oz .5Maple Syrup


  1. Shake/strain all ingredients into NitroBrew kettle.
  2. Set the PSI on the Nitro Brew Compressor to 40 PSI.
  3. Close and secure the lid. Hold down the button on the kettle and press the nozzle into the charging station receiver firmly. Once it is charged (charger will automatically turn off), release the button and remove from the charging station receiver. Shake the kettle well in order for the contents to mix (about 5 seconds).
  4. Turn the dispenser upside-down and gently hold down kettle button to dispense the NitroBrew cocktail into a 10 oz glass.