Recipes for aphrodisiac cocktails from the pros you can recreate at home.

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Sugared Cranberries–the perfect garnish for cocktails, desserts and even savory Holiday dishes

Sugared CranberriesThis time of year, I get cranberries on the brain. I LOVE cranberries. (And did you know, they’re aphrodisiac!) Each year, a friend from the Plymouth area–that’s right, like the Pilgrims–sends me berries from their family’s bogs and I try to play with every conceivable thing I can think of to do with these oddly tart, slightly bitter fruits. This year, I tried coating them in syrup and rolling them in sugar to make Sugared Cranberries. Read more

Vodka Apple Pie Cocktail–if this doesn’t get you in the Holiday spirit, nothing will!

Vodka Apple Pie CocktailSVEDKA Vodka sent us their version of Holiday cheer with this Apple Pie Cocktail and we’re feeling it. In fact, we’re feeling this one all the way from the hairline to the tingling tips of our toes. This cocktail calls for vodka (of course they recommend SVEDKA but you can always substitute with your favorite brand), brandy AND triple sec. Read more

East Meets West–southeast asian-style bourbon lemonade

Annette Tomei's bourbon lemonade with a twistThe presentation of this cocktail is inspired by the Filipino dessert Halo Halo (“mix-mix”). The dessert is composed of ice cream on top of a bed of shaved ice then topped with a variety of sweets and toppings that are then mixed in by the diner. Although the cocktail uses lemon granita instead of ice cream, the effect is equally refreshing and playful.  Read more


Summery Ice Cream Cocktail (the adult ice cream float!)

Why should the summertime ice cream floats be reserved for the kids? When Campari sent us this recipe we said, “Yes! We deserve something creamy, refreshing and most definitely adult.” Read more

Triple Citrus Sangria with Red Wine

Triple Citrus Sangria | EatSomethingSexy.comDiane Brown, author of The Seduction Cookbook and our Diva Dish maven of dining for two gave us this recipe for citrus sangria from her Family Farm Box blog.

She used California’s summer Valencia oranges to make this tart, tangy and refreshing treat. We love the layers of aphrodisiacs in this drink, including: cinnamon; citrus; brandy and, of course, the red wine.  Read more