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Easy Oven Roasted Dungeness Crab–because it’s crab season!

Easy Oven Roasted Dungeness CrabThere is a magic moment, usually in mid-November, when my Australian friend, Leanne Sarasy will call and say, “Come for dinner…we have crab!” Yesterday it was a text and I canceled any plan I had because the first Dungeness crab of the season is truly close to a religious experience.

Leanne’s husband, Brian, is an avid fisherman and hunter so there is always something good in her kitchen from the land or sea. Read more


Bacon Baja Fish Tacos with Avocado Cream

bacon baja fish tacosWhat beats a fish taco? A fish taco with the satisfying crunch of crisp, smoky bacon! Although we can’t find any historical information backing up bacon’s aphrodisiac properties Read more

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Mussels in Sailor’s Sauce–an aphrodisiac tapas recipe

Mussels in Sailor Sauce | EatSomethingSexy.comA hot tapas recipe from Diane Brown

Serve these mussels as a part of a Spanish tapas-inspired evening. Diane’s put together an entire meal of fabulous (aphrodisiac) appetizers but each one also stands alone as a perfect, easy dinner dish. These simply steamed mussels are perfect for a night when you’re in a hurry. Just add a simple green salad and some crusty bread for a complete meal.  Read more

Coconut Shrimp Thai Curry Recipe

coconut shrimp thai-style curry

coconut shrimp thai curry recipeThis recipe highlights all that is sexy about Thai food: the contrasts in texture, layers of aphrodisiac herbs and spices and an abundance of coconut. And don’t forget that it showcases a plaything of Aphrodite, shrimp!

Chef Annette Tomei uses both coconut milk and coconut oil to layer both the flavor and health benefits of coconut in this shrimp curry. Blended with aphrodisiacs including garlic, ginger, chiles and, of course, shrimp, this Thai curry is one sensual dish. Read more


Deconstructed Fish Taco Recipe

fish taco recipeThis recipe was offered to us by Chef Diane Scalia of Los Angeles’ Melting Pot Tours. Diane emphasizes that the key to this dish is quality ingredients. Use fresh citrus, sweet corn and, especially, a great, Spanish olive oil. Diane encourages you to experiment. Try the dish once or twice as written then try adding your own, aphrodisiac flair. Read more