Passion Fruit Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting

Passion Fruit Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting

My signature recipe

If there was one thing I’d want someone to make for me on Valentine’s Day, it would be this cake. I love Passion Fruit Cake so much, I sometimes make it for myself on my birthday. I’ve never shared my recipe before. That’s because I like to eat it naked, as breakfast. (Not me, the cake is naked…but I’d be happy to eat it in the buff.) In order to transform my go-to cake into an aphrodisiac experience, I knew I had to give it a special topping. But no ordinary buttercream would suit this cake. When I pondered the tropical note that makes this cake my greatest enticement, it became very clear to me that there is one kind of frosting that would do it justice: Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting. Read more

Classic Fruit Tart with Pastry Cream–technique and artistry made easy

classic fruit tart

French technique made simple

The classic fruit tart is the ultimate French pastry shop dish. It’s the sort of dessert you envision sharing with your lover at an outdoor cafe, your hair tousled and cheeks flushed from the activity that brought on your appetite. Many home cooks shy away from this technique-driven dish. But one of our favorite pastry chefs, Leah Kuo, has broken down the technique for us into simple steps even a novice could complete. Read more

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Coconut Fudge–a treat for those with a taste for the exotic

Coconut Fudge with a Pinch of Cardamom

A sneak preview

Author Nandita Godbole shared with me this Coconut Fudge recipe as a sneak preview of her upcoming book, Not For You: Family Narratives of Denial & Comfort Foods Book 2And, of course, I just had to share this one. It combines the unmistakable flavor of coconut (also an aphrodisiac as I recently learned) with one of my favorite aphrodisiac ingredients, cardamom. (You might remember the Persian Love Cake from Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbook?)  Read more

Lemon “Minute” Souffle Recipe

Lemon "Minute" Souffle RecipeChef Annette Tomei shares this recipe with us. It was inspired by her work as a chef instructor at the French Culinary Institute. We love it because it shows just how quick it can be to whip up a souffle. (Souffle is sexy!) Read more


Avocado-Vanilla Bean Dairy Free Pot de Creme–an aphrodisiac experience

Avocado-Vanilla Bean Dairy Free Pot de CremeDelahna Flagg and I wanted to share a recipe from our new cookbook, Eat Cake Naked: aphrodisiac desserts to heat up your love life that would give a taste of what our concept of an aphrodisiac dessert is all about. We think this Avocado-Vanilla Bean Pot de Creme recipe is the perfect choice for showing you just what aphrodisiac desserts are all about. This recipe is unique, unusual and indulgent. As far as we’re concerned, it has everything a romantic dessert should offer: a voluptuous, velvety texture; subtle sweetness and a healthy dose of aphrodisiac ingredients. (It is, incidentally, both dairy and gluten free!) Read more