Chevre-Apple Bread Pudding Recipe from Pastry Chef Chrysta Wilson

chevre-apple bread pudding recipe | Eat Something SexyThis recipe was created by Lisa Peju and Chef Chrysta Wilson of Kiss My Bundt Bakery for a class we hosted with In Pursuit Networking. We gave the ladies 6 ingredients, an oven and a bottle of Cava and this bread pudding recipe is what they created.

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Morning Mango Nice Cream Recipe

Vegan Morning Mango Nice Cream RecipeWe found this recipe while hunger surfing Instagram. It was so simple and perfect that the author, theglowingfridge, was able to post the entire recipe in the comments–now that’s our kind of weekday breakfast recipe! Although we don’t actively promote a vegan lifestyle, we love the philosophy and approach of the author, a health and nutrition writer and creator of The Glowing Fridge. Read more

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies with Cream Cheese Filling

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies Recipe

Red Velvet Sandwich CookiesRed velvet is one of the sexiest cake flavors. No surprise, it is loaded with aphrodisiacs. A vanilla base with just a hint of cocoa made tangy by the addition of buttermilk, the flavor is perfected by a frosting of cream cheese. Read more


Lavender Madeleines with Vodka Lemon Glaze


by Diane Brown

Diane created this delicious, booze-laced recipe to celebrate the aphrodisiacs of alcohol and lavender. (It also celebrates the opulence of butter… lots of butter!) And nothing is more evocative of feelings of comfort and happiness than the aroma of butter-based cookies baking in the oven. For this version, dried lavender adds a delicate floral aroma and hint of herbaceousness. The lemon juice and zest adds a spark of complexity that makes these cookies unforgettable.  Read more

Ronie’s Icing Cookies–a Holiday Season classic recipe

This recipe comes from our Web Editor, Ronie Reiley. We love these cookies because they’re crunchy, nutty and not too sweet. Over the years, they’ve become the cookies we associate with Christmas. Read more