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Diane’s Caipirinha Recipe–a drink for seduction

We’re feeling the need for a good, stiff cocktail right now. We thought something refreshing, like this Caipirinha recipe would put us all in the mood to transition to spring. (And the thought that really motivates this post? We’re betting that the combination of the aphrodisiac spirit cachaca with fresh citrus will help you get in […]

Roasted Eggplant Puree–a recipe for a romantic, Greek dinner

Chef Diane Brown offers her plan for a romantic dinner for two inspired by the Greek God Eros. So, of course, the dishes are Greek. But they’re aphrodisiac Greek! To pair with her Minted Bulgar Salad, Diane suggests this Roasted Eggplant Puree. She recommends it served, of course, with plenty of warm pita bread–and lots […]

Lavender Madeleines with Vodka Lemon Glaze

A Lavender Madeleine recipe from aphrodisiac foods expert Diane Brown I created this decadent, booze-laced recipe for Lavender Madeleines to celebrate the aphrodisiacs of alcohol and lavender. (It also celebrates the opulence of butter…lots of butter!) And nothing is more evocative of feelings of comfort and happiness than the aroma of butter-based cookies baking in the […]