An entertaining guide and recipes for romance from chef and author of The Seduction Cookbook, Diane Brown.


Fennel, Asparagus and Artichoke Bottom Empanadas Recipe

aphrodisiac empanadas with fennel, artichoke and asparagus | EatSomethingSexy.comEmpanadas recipe by Diane Brown

This beautiful recipe is a part of a larger story Diane created for us on aphrodisiac tapas. Empanadas are savory bundles found in Spanish and many Latin cultures. The name comes from the Spanish word empanar, roughly meaning to wrap or coat in bread. Diane’s version of these little savory bundles combine three outstanding aphrodisiacs: fennel, asparagus and artichoke. What could be better than this aphrodisiac trifecta wrapped in a golden pastry crust? Read more

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Mussels in Sailor’s Sauce–an aphrodisiac tapas recipe

Mussels in Sailor Sauce | EatSomethingSexy.comA hot tapas recipe from Diane Brown

Serve these mussels as a part of a Spanish tapas-inspired evening. Diane’s put together an entire meal of fabulous (aphrodisiac) appetizers but each one also stands alone as a perfect, easy dinner dish. These simply steamed mussels are perfect for a night when you’re in a hurry. Just add a simple green salad and some crusty bread for a complete meal.  Read more

The Greek Golden Arrow–a romantic menu for two

diane brown, author of the seduction cookbookDiva Dish with Diane Brown

Cupid gets all of the attention for Valentine’s Day. Of course, we identify this lover’s holiday with his cherubic image. But his Greek counterpart, Eros, is rarely as iconic. That’s why I’ve created this romantic menu inspired by Eros. Read more


Greek Recipes for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

diane brown, author of the seduction cookbookDiva Dish with Diane Brown

Diane Brown, author of The Seduction Cookbook: Culinary Creations For Loversoffers her recipes for a Greek-inspired, aphrodisiac Valentine’s Day dinner menu. View the intro here. Read more

Asian Persuasion Menu and Recipes

Diva Dish with Diane Brown

A menu inspired by the romance of the Orient. Read the intro here. Read more