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Avocado Oil – why you should be using it

The greatest oil you may never have tried

You’ve probably heard the virtues of olive oil, coconut oil and possibly even grape seed oil. But what about the oil that comes from avocados? Turns out, avocado oil is one of your best choices for cooking as well as using straight as a drizzle on salads, sandwiches and to finish soups.

What’s so great about avocado oil? Well, for starters, it’s very heat stable. In other words, you can use it at high temperatures before it starts visibly smoking and breaking down–that’s a problem with some of the other popular oils. They can’t be used at high heat.–In fact, this cholesterol free oil is possibly the healthiest oil you could choose for frying.

It is high in vitamin E, aka the sex vitamin, and studies have found that the nutrients in avocado oil can help promote healthy blood pressure. (Don’t forget, what’s good for your heart is good for your sex life.) It’s also noted for decreasing inflammation of the gums. And we all want a kisser with a good set of gums!

Look for a pure, extra virgin avocado oil

Now, of course, as with any other oils, not all avocado oils are created equally. That’s why we’re featuring AVOCARE, one of the few producers of pure, extra virgin avocado oil on the market. The company makes a fruity and flavorful but extremely versatile product, suitable for both cooking and using as a finishing oil. (It’s similar to a fine olive oil but with a slightly less aggressive flavor. That’s why we like it!)

The company also produces three subtly enhanced flavored avocado oils including basil, garlic and chipotle. The garlic is great for those with trouble digesting whole garlic because it brings a subtle hint of the pungent bulb to a dish without the often uncomfortable side effects. Similarly, chipotle gives just a tease of heat without overwhelming the taste buds with spice. The basil, possibly our favorite, brings a bright, summery, garden flavor to any dish.

Check out AVOCARE to learn more about the health benefits of avocado oils. And if you want a great recipe using it, try this Asparagus and Ricotta Toast with Avocado Oil.


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