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Castor Oil for Full Body Care–the things your grandma never told you about her favorite oil

Castor oil is amazing

It’s true what they say, you learn something every day. And today we learned that grandma never taught us all the benefits for castor oil. She would force it on us to get our gastrointestinal systems moving smoothly when we were kids. But maybe she was keeping the other secret about castor oil to herself: it’s great for your skin, hair and defying aging. (No wonder Granny looked so good!)

We discovered the benefits of castor oil when we were sent a sample bottle from Sports Research, with a note promising supremely sexy skin. After a few “huh?’s” we did some research. And it’s true! It turns out, castor oil was used as a balm in ancient Egypt. The fatty acids in castor, (made from the seeds of the castor plant), can help nourish dry skin and hair. It is supposed to be good for both body and facial moisturizing. And it’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties can help banish blemishes! It is supposed to aid in circulation, which is why many athletes rub it into tired and sore muscles. It may make a great, seductive massage oil for the same reason!

So now that we have a better understanding of castor oil, it’s time for the moment of truth! And we can confirm that Sports Research Naturals 100% pure Caster Oil undoubtably improved our skin moisture and the shine in our hair. We can’t say that it immediately banished blemishes or sent the soreness straight out of our muscles but the application felt fantastic. The oil is has a bit more weight and viscosity than most of the oils we’re used to, like almond, olive or grape seed. So we recommend going light with your application or risk staining your clothing (or sheets…) But we’re certainly glad we discovered the many benefits of castor oil and intend on keeping it as a part of our health and wellness routines!

Where to find castor oil

You can buy Sports Research’s castor oil on Amazon. To learn more about this family-run company and their line of wellness and beauty products, visit


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