The Best Chocolate For Baking - if you love chocolate, you need this 1

The Best Chocolate For Baking – if you love chocolate, you need this

A premium, American chocolate company

Scharffen Berger built a name as a leading, artisan chocolate company based in the U.S.A. The company was founded in 1997 by winemaker John Sharffenberger and chocolate authority Robert Steinberg. (Incidentally, the company was acquired by Hershey’s in 2005. However Sharffenberger stays active in the company, working to maintain the highest level of quality.) Today, the highly respected chocolate producer offers a variety of milk and dark chocolate bars. Look, everything Sharffen Berger makes is good. But what I’m loving is their collection of chocolate bars built for baking.

A bar for dark chocolate lovers

And if you’re into dark chocolate you need to try the 70% bittersweet dark chocolate baking bar. This intense but smooth and slightly fruity bar is tasty on its own but as a baking product it can take your brownies, bars and cakes to new heights of sophistication. This seriously might be the best chocolate for baking–and I do a lot of baking with chocolate! (As you know, chocolate is one of my favorite aphrodisiacs.)

This earthy, intense baking bar is also an excellent choice for layering flavor and complexity for those of you going gluten-free. For cookies, the 70% bittersweet comes packaged as baking chunks. (Scharffen Berger also offers a semi-sweet dark chocolate baking bar and a sensationally rich 99% cacao unsweetened baking bar.)

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And don’t miss Sharffen Berger’s recipe for Flourless Chocolate Cake. You won’t be able to resist this decadent, chocolate cake. Best of all, guess what you use for the main ingredient? Yes! This chocolate!

And if you’re wondering if the chocolate company has ties to Sharffenberger Cellars, indeed it does. As I mentioned, John Sharffenberger is a winemaker. He founded Sharffenberger Cellars in 1981. He is not the winemaker today, however. These days, the winery is under the management of Maison Marques and Domaines.



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