Wustof Precision Edge 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

The Best Knife Sharpener – because cooking with a dull knife is dangerous

Did you know that thousands of people wind up in emergency rooms each year because of cooking injuries from knives? Many of those injuries come from using a dull knife. Yes, despite what your instincts might say, a dull knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one. That’s because dull knives require you to use more pressure when cutting, making it more easy for them to slip. A sharp knife has more “grip” and slices with greater ease. That’s why we’re sharing with you our secret to keeping our knives in the best shape. We’ve tried dozens of options and of every sharpening aid we’ve explored this is without question the best knife sharpener for home use.

No matter how dull, this knife sharpener has the power to revive your knives. And it will help prolong the lifespan of your favorite, and most neglected, knives for many years to come. In our estimation, this is the best knife sharpener for the home cook for user-friendliness in combination with results.

How this knife sharpener works

Why do we love this tool so much? Sharpening, honing, and buffing a knife keeps it efficient and user-friendly and the Wustof Precision Edge 3-Stage Knife Sharpener does all three steps in one instrument. With six, divided, canals it guides your knife, safely, for both sides of the blade. Tuning the sides individually makes for a better point since it flexes the steel from the center of the knife and sharpens it to the tip. Sharpeners that do both sides at the same time typically have a v-shaped groove that only reaches a certain height on the knife and strips the steel on all sides without much control over the results.

The Wustof sharpener has instructions that safely guide your knife through its own resuscitation and could be useful for professional and home cooks, alike. The directions may seem, at first, taxing but the results do reveal their purpose; so, take the time and show love to your knife.

For more great tips safe cutting practices, check out the University of Rochester Medical Center’s guide to cutting safety.

Knife recommendations

And if you’re still looking to find the right knife, check out our recommendations of some of our favorite knives.


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