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As a category of beverages, alcohol is considered among the world’s most potent aphrodisiacs. Clearly, much of aphrodisiac wine and spirits’ power lies in the ability to lower inhibitions. But you might be surprised to learn that there’s more to some of your favorite wines and spirits than meets the eye. Some drinks you may think of as little more as a party starter or inhibition releaser offer healthful properties. And some of those health benefits can directly impact your sex life… for the better, of course!

That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire section of our website to the pleasure of drinking aphrodisiac wine and spirits. Whether you’re looking for more information on the art of the cocktail, the latest in spirits news or reputable wine recommendations, we’ve got it all. But we’ve also got all the information you need to harness the aphrodisiac powers of your favorite wines and spirits.

If drinks are your thing, you’re going to appreciate what our editorial team has in store for you. Whether its exploring our Wine of the Week, our latest cocktail recipes or our in-depth features on classic and trending spirits, we’re covering everything you need to know about the link between wine, spirits and the art of sensuality.

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Feature Stories for Wine Lovers

Go in depth into the past, present and future of the world of wine.

Woman on Wine

Did you know that our Editor in Chief is also an internationally published wine writer? In her monthly column, Amy Reiley’s brings you the best sips for the season.

Wine of the Week

Wine Educator Annette Tomei‘s weekly column will inspire you to try new wines from around the world.

Wineries We Love and Other Useful Links

This is where we get personal with our passion. Our entire editorial staff has weighed in on their favorite wineries and the best links to give you more information on what’s happening right now in the world of wine.

Sexiest Spirits of them All?

Our whole team weighed in and confirmed that the spirits on this list are their go-to bottles for creating aphrodisiac cocktails.


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