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Use Your Brain–Step #9 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Thinkers burn more calories

You burn calories every moment just by being alive and, of course, physical activity increases caloric burn. But another key to optimizing metabolic rate is in your mind. As the head of your internal household, the brain ensures that your organs are doing what they need to do without your ever having to spare a thought. However, using it for deeper, (and/or less routine), thought and learning increases glucose uptake in the brain. Yes, if you use your brain, you burn more calories. It probably won’t add up to significant weight loss but it will exercise your cognitive power.  Improving cognitive power perpetuates creativity which will make you a more adventurous and in-tune lover. So keep thinking for the sake of your brain, your body and your lover!

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The 10 Steps to Sexy Diet
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