Thinking Burns Calories and Makes You an More Creative Lover

Thinking Burns Calories…and More–Step #9 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Thinkers burn more calories

You burn calories every moment just by being alive and, of course, physical activity increases caloric burn. But another key to optimizing your metabolism is in your mind. As the head of your internal household, the brain works on autopilot to ensure that your organs are doing what they need to do. However, using your brain for deeper–or even just less routine–thought increases glucose uptake in the brain. In other words, thinking burns calories. 

Now, using your brain to solve a puzzle or memorize a poem probably won’t burn enough calories for significant weight loss. (It’s estimated that engaging the brain in more exercise will probably only burn up to 50 extra calories per day.) But there’s more to using your brain than the simple fact that thinking burns calories.

Your brain can make you a better lover

You see, using your brain in less than usual ways will also exercise your cognitive power. (In other words, it taps into how you understand and react to the world around you). Improving cognitive power is proven to boost your creativity. And harnessing your creativity will make you a more adventurous and in-tune lover. And this, in turn, appears to make you smarter.

Regular sex may improve brain function

According to Psychology Today, sex appears to improve many cognitive functions, particularly in older adults. According to research, those with healthy, regular sex lives have greater verbal fluency and memory. Or maybe, researchers hypothesize, it’s that thinking leads to increased sexual activity rather than that sexual activity leads to better cognition. Either way, we do know one thing for sure, thinking burns calories. (And so does the physical activity of having sex.) 

So keep thinking for the sake of your brain, your body and your lover!

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