We have an addiction. An addiction to books. Cookbooks, coffee table books, ebooks, art books, food fiction–you name it; we need it. Here’s a look at what we’ve been reading and why you might need it too. In this list of books for food lovers, you’re sure to find something you want.

the bee-friendly garden

The Bee-Friendly Garden - planning a yard that helps the whole hive

Making our world more bee-friendly Bees have it tough. Some…
Closeup of watercolor plum from Save Me the Plums jacket

Save Me the Plums - a romanticized remembrance of Gourmet Magazine

Ruth Reichl's Gourmet memoir I've been waiting months to talk…
Shroom mushroom cookbook cover image

How to Cook Mushrooms?--just follow this expert's tips!

A cookbook for mushroom lovers It would be impossible to count…
biOrb Tube--why you need this fish tank

Why You Need This Fish Tank--and what NOT to do with it

For 2019, our mission is to help you discover easy ways to help…
Plants with Benefits--the aphrodisiac guide to gardening 1

Plants with Benefits--the aphrodisiac guide to gardening

Update 2018: We originally published this article when Helen…