We have an addiction. An addiction to books. Cookbooks, coffee table books, ebooks, art books, food fiction–you name it; we need it. Here’s a look at what we’ve been reading and why you might need it too.

Sam Sifton’s Thanksgiving: how to cook it well

Sam Sifton's Thanksgiving: how to cook it well

This Holiday Guide is no Turkey

Acclaimed food writer and New York Times national editor Sam Sifton knows a thing or two about Holiday entertaining. Explains Sifton, “For a couple of years, I spent Thanksgiving Day at The New York Times, answering panicked questions from readers. I was a one-man Thanksgiving help line.” His new book, Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well uses that experience, along with a bit of wit and enticing prose, to walk the reader through preparing (and surviving) America’s culinary holiday. There are recipes for turkey and traditional sides. But what we appreciate the most are the author’s practical tips like how to warm serving plates and platters. As any book on Thanksgiving should, Sifton’s manual includes recipes for reinventing leftovers into entirely new meals.

Sam Sifton's Thanksgiving


32 Yolks–summer reading by Chef Eric Ripert

32 Yolks by Chef Eric RipertWant to know what it takes to be a chef?

Think the career of a chef is a glamorous life?

Then you need to read Michelin-starred Chef Eric Ripert’s memoir, 32 Yolks: From My Mother’s Table to Working the Line. True, Chef Ripert lives “the dream” today, with tv appearances and cushy celebrity chef gigs. Read more

Discover Ruth Reichl’s My Kitchen Year

Ruth Reichl's My Kitchen YearWhat’s filled with mouthwatering temptation yet is entirely calorie free? The answer is Ruth Reichl’s  My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes that Saved My Life. A loose narrative with recipes, the book follows Reichl’s renewed love for cooking in the year that followed her abrupt unemployment. (You might recall that Gourmet magazine shuttered unexpectedly in 2009.) Read more

Paulette Lambert’s The Wellness Kitchen

Paulette Lambert's The Wellness KitchenEating well is sexy. In our opinion, the gateway to a great romantic life is a good diet. But eating well does not mean eating bland or boring and that’s why we love Paulette Lambert’s The Wellness Kitchen. Read more

Simon Majumdar’s Fed, White, and Blue (a review)

Fed, White, and Blue, a food memoirSimon Majumdar is a rather unlikely American food television star. He’s not brash, has no gimmick and, in fact, isn’t even American. He’s an immigrant–a cultured, British one at that–who came to the USA for the love of a woman and, it seems, stayed for a love of the food Read more