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Ready-to-Drink Cocktail Shots are a Thing. Check Out Liqs.

These cocktail shots are picnic or party ready

Sometimes when a publicist reaches out to me with the “next big thing,” I get that itch of wariness in the back of my brain. But my FOMO always gets the best of me and I usually try whatever they’re pushing. In this case, it was worth it! LIQS, a line of premixed cocktail shots are surprisingly good for pre-mixed cocktails shipped via UPS. In fact, they’re better than a lot of drinks ordered in bars.

How does the manufacturer do it? I have no idea! But part of the secret is the fact that they use real, natural ingredients. And, of course, every drink is properly portioned. No risk of an overzealous bartender with a heavy hand on the tequila, or, worse, the simple syrup. And credit for the mature flavors of these cocktail shots certainly goes to the mixologist who refined the recipes. The flavors are balanced, the drinks relatively low in sugar. They’re also perfectly portioned with the essence of a great cocktail served up in a simple shot. Those watching their figure will be grateful for the portion control. Four out of the five flavors come in servings of 90 calories or less.

The flavors

The ready-to-drink cocktail shots come in Vodka Lemondrop, Whiskey Fireshot, Tequila-Cinnamon-Orange, Vodka Kamakaze, and Vodka-Lychee-Grapefruit. My favorites were the Kamakaze and Tequila-Cinnamon-Orange. I don’t think you could get more aphrodisiac than this well-balanced combination of tequila, citrus and the aphrodisiac of cinnamon. (I will say that I didn’t try Whiskey Fireshot… and I’m ok with that.)

These cocktail shots really represent low-stress entertaining. That, “Want to come in for a drink?” after a date becomes far less complicated when you can just pop the tops off of a couple of sleek mini-cups of aphrodisiac elixir. Keep them well-chilled to be ready at all times.

The shots also travel well for simplifying the drink situation at a picnic or a concert. And cancel that bartender for your next party. You can just pass trays of icy LIQS. They’re really good enough to impress your friends at an at-home cocktail affair. In fact, our team liked them so much that one of our editors wants to keep a carry case of them in the trunk of her car for cocktail emergencies. Now that’s love.

Where to get your LIQS cocktail shots

LIQS can be purchased online through the company’s website, They’re also available in NYC from local retailers with plans to expand nationwide.


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