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Lip Freak from Doctor Lip Bang

Your lips need this

When I came upon a couple of hipsters passing out free chapstick at an event, I hesitated to grab a tube. Do I want hipster lips, I asked myself. But then I leaned in as close as I dared and saw the sexy, scarlet pouts on the ladies behind the Lip Freak table. If those are hipster lips, I need them, I thought.

Unlike most lip-plumping products, Lip Freak isn’t a lipstick or sticky, shiny gloss. This is a faintly tinted (or un-tinted) chapstick packed with ingredients that moisturize, heal and plump up lips with kissable softness. (It also makes them look dew-kissed and tints them with a barely discernible stain.)

Make someone else tingle

The lip treatment is not only good for tickling your kisser, it transfers it’s proprietary blend of tingling ingredients to the lips of anyone who is lucky enough to pucker up with you. But what I like the most about Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak is what’s inside the tube, not how it makes you feel. The lip treatment is made from all natural ingredients. The company, Docto Lip Bang’s approaches lip care from the standpoint that being healthy should be fun. So why not make your lips tingle and shimmer while they get the moisture they need?

But why does it tingle? A proprietary blend of essential oils and moisturizing ingredients creates Lip Freak’s signature tingle. The company insists that the chapstick is not a lip plumper but our kissers beg to differ! Several members of our staff swear by the softening and plumping affects. Also be aware that if you have sensitive skin, you may feel a burn from the tingling effect as one of our staff members did. Although only one of the 10 people we know who tried it experienced this burn, those with sensitivities to essential oils might want to be aware.

But for the rest of us? We’re loving our tingling, plump, sexy pouts all thanks to Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak.

Get yours

Lip Freak comes in a variety of un-tinted flavors as well as my favorites, the sexy stains. For more information and to view the variety of stain shades, visit the Doctor Lip Bang’s website.


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