Bowmore Scotch Legend

Bowmore Scotch–taste a Scottish legend

An Introduction to Bowmore with Tasting Notes

by amy reiley

I recently sat down to a tasting of the pride of Scotland and was startled by the vast differences in flavor and complexity. Although after tastingBowmore Scotch--taste a Scottish legend 2 10 of Bowmore’s finest single malt scotches, my writing hand grew more than a little unsteady, my taste buds remained in fine form. Here are a few of my favorite memories. (Sorry, there would have been more but some time around number seven, my memory grows a little hazy).

Bowmore Scotch LegendBowmore Legend
Smoky notes dominate both aroma and flavors, as is typical with young Scotch. Medium-bodied as far as Scotch’s go, it offers a hint of citrus fruit, but this is almost overshadowed by a distinct peatiness.Bowmore 12 Year Old
A very attractive amber color will beckon any Scotch lover and its pear and honey aromas and flavors will keep them coming back. A hint of smokiness is present but by no means dominant.

Bowmore Darkest
A very inviting drink with almost dessert-like aromas: vanilla, almonds and caramel. Fruity, almost raisin sweetness dominates in the mouth. A hint of bitterness on the finish balances out the sweetness on the tongue.

Bowmore 1990, 16 Year Old
I’m sad to say that this bottling is in very limited production, because it is a showstopper. Although it exhibits a classic, Sherry- like flavor, this is almost overshadowed by an inviting mix of dark chocolate – yes, chocolate – hazelnut and dried figs.

Bowmore 18 Year Old
Brand new to the U.S. market, this scotch offers chocolate, vanilla, honey and raisin aromas and flavors. Classic smoky notes are almost overshadowed by the drink’s delicious, fruity sweetness.

Bowmore 25 Year Old
With aromas of tart apple, honey and smoke, this scotch perfectly captures the scent of autumn. A gentle but complex drink it exhibits both a fruitiness and a sweet toffee flavor.

Bowmore 1968, 37 Year Old
Most of us will never be able to indulge in a bottle of this one. Its price is right up there with Hennessy or Cristal. But should you ever get the opportunity to taste, it is one you’ll likely never forget. inviting mango and candied apricot aromas and flavors of grapefruit and lemongrass combine with a silkiness on the tongue. With a hint of caramel on the finish, this isone of the most fascinating spirits I have ever sampled.

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