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What Is the Green Coffee Movement and is it Taking Over?

What’s the buzz?

by Mike Anderson

Have you tried green coffee yet? There’s a new movement to make this the first choice of coffee drinkers, and it’s starting out strong. The Green Coffee Movement stems from a desire to reap the most health benefit from coffee beans.

But what’s the difference between green coffee beans and the beans most coffee lovers crave? Green beans aren’t anything special. In fact, they’re actually the same beans you know. The key is in how they’re treated. Green beans are coffee beans that simply aren’t roasted.

It is well known that coffee beans contain chlorogenic acids. And many nutrition experts believe it is the chlorogenic acids that offer the majority of coffee’s health benefits. (Known benefits include lowering blood pressure and improving blood vessel dilation. This is not only great for your heart but will help in the arousal and orgasm department as well.) However, when coffee beans are roasted, most of these acid compounds are lost. But on the flip side, it is the roasting which gives coffee its distinct flavor. Which means that, although green coffee retains all the health benefits, it doesn’t offer the robust flavors and aromas we’ve come to love from our coffee. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping green coffee from taking off.

And since it appears to be here to stay, let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of drinking green coffee and what is stimulating the Green Coffee Movement.

Appetite Suppressant

Cravings are the worst thing for any person wishing to lose weight. Regular coffee drinkers fall to a cup of coffee for this very reason–most people in barista jobs will tell you this is why many of their customers come for a fix.

However, green coffee is much a much stronger appetite suppressant than roasted coffee. So choosing green coffee can help control hunger cravings, and give the body a chance to consume its fat deposits to help you achieve your most sexy self.

High In Antioxidants

These Green Coffee beans are rich in anti-cancer compounds which fight against free radicals. These compounds also help to maintain glucose levels while protecting skin cells helping you look your most fresh, young and fantastic.

Boosts Metabolism

Chlorogenic acids are known as metabolism boosters. Here its augments the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) of the body. This is what controls the excessive release of glucose from the liver into the bloodstream. Free radicals are neutralized and issues with hydroxyl radicals are solved.

Putting this in perspective, green coffee beans have double the efficiency of roasted coffee beans of absorbing oxygen free radicals. Hence there is an absence of glucose. And the body burns fat cells which are stored to meet its glucose requirements.

Fat Burning

This is the number one reason people are turning to green coffee. And for this application, it doesn’t matter if it the coffee is served in a cup form or capsule. (The most readily attainable form of green coffee currently on the market is capsulated.)

Losing weight is a major industry, and when coffee lovers discovered that there were fat burning compounds in green coffee, it was the tipping point. (Multiple controlled studies demonstrated that dieters ingesting green coffee daily lost weight at an increased rate.) From that point onward, it was clear that the Green Coffee Movement was more than a quick fad.

Blood Circulation

High blood pressure leads to many diseases such as heart failure, strokes among others. But blood vessels are affected when drinking green coffee and are prevented from becoming clustered together. This in layman’s terms is, arteries don’t become hardened, thus blood circulation is as it should be. (One controlled study proved that it could reduce high blood pressure in as little as twelve weeks.)

Aid with Diabetes

Yes! Green coffee can even help those who struggle with diabetes. In fact, studies show that Type 2 Diabetes suffers can find help without any side effects. That’s because green coffee beans help lower blood sugar levels which naturally helps with weight loss and circulation.


The compounds in green coffee have a natural detox effect on the body. According to green coffee gurus, it helps clean the liver of toxins. Once the liver becomes detoxified, it can function more efficiently which will again raise the metabolism and improves overall health.

Immune System Booster

We all need a healthy immune system to maintain a healthy body. And it is believed that green coffee beans are highly effective in enhancing the immune system because of its high antioxidant content. This is because the antioxidants have the ability to effectively fight free radicals. When the body is free from free radicals, the body can then eliminate the toxic and damaging components.

More to love

Natural health advocates embrace green coffee for the simple reason that its natural and safe to use. All the ingredients are free from processing, which is why they retain so many health benefits over traditional roasted and brewed coffee. Of course, the caffeine content is still high, so for that morning boost, you get your buzz and so much more than you would from drinking a regular cup of coffee. And, of course, like regular java, green coffee is an aphrodisiac. (Learn more about the aphrodisiac side of coffee.)

For a natural drink which can improve your overall health, slow down the signs of aging and moisturize your skin, it is one of the best options for taking care of yourself.

The Green Coffee Movement is growing and with good reason, but taking over is a very different matter when compared to the world’s favorite drink. Taste is everything, and regular roasted coffee has this in bucket loads. Green Coffee has a task on its hands to take over, and it is far better to be used as a compliment rather than trying to steal the top spot.

About the author

Mike Anderson is a head writer for Barista Buzz, coffee aficionado and expert on the Australian coffee industry. He’s also a huge proponent of green coffee. 


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