BeautyStrips Mask Made from Seaweed

A Food-Based Way to Facial: the BeautyStrips system

BeautyStrips are food for your face

Just as the health food world is filled with aloe vera and seaweed based super snacks, BeautyStrips use these powerful ingredients as the gateway to beautiful. How? They have created a powerful seaweed mask as well as a coconut oil and peptide serum. And together, this pair of beauty treatments offers a unique, food-based, age-defying program.

How does it work?

According to the creator, Forever Green, the mask begins with a base of pure seaweed and kelp, (both historically noted as aphrodisiacs, I might add). Why these two ingredients? Because both are proven to naturally calm and hydrate the skin. Then, they’re combine with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that are, in the company’s words, “skin-loving.” The goal is to calm, hydrate and nourish skin gently and naturally. The supporting serum uses the latest in peptide science to promote collagen production, improve skin texture and diminish pore size. It uses a blend of antioxidants, natural nourishing agents and patent-pending Telagenex-5. Unlike the mask, which is designed for days when your skin needs a little extra pampering, the serum is meant for everyday use.

The results

So, now that we’ve gotten through the science speak, let’s talk about results. I asked several members of our editorial team to test the BeautyStrips system and offer their honest evaluation.

And if I had to distill their feedback into one simple result, it would be that this pair of products will make your face glow. In fact, your skin will feel as soft as a baby’s bottom. The color will look more pure and your pores really will seem to disappear. And we love that the products are made through a combination of traditional food-based beauty and the latest in scientific research. We can’t tell you exactly how the BeautyStrips system works but we can tell you that you’ll love the results!

For more information, visit the Forever Green website.


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