Metrokane Rabbit Champagne Sealer

This Champagne Sealer is My Must-Have Wine Gadget

My #1 favorite wine gadget

Our test kitchen is loaded with gadgets. In fact, if you try to open one of our cupboards, it’s almost guaranteed that a pile of unidentifiable gadgets will tumble out on you, as though you’re trapped in a slapstick cartoon. I think we have a gadget that can do anything from turning sweet potatoes into ribbons to stirring risotto hands-free. The truth is, we don’t use most of the gadgets very often. But there are a few with which I’d never part. And if we’re talking about wine, there’s definitely one gadget I’d put in my must-have list. My all-time, single most favorite wine gadget is the Metrokane’s Rabbit Champagne Sealer. 

Why do you need this?

You may be wondering why in the world someone would need a Champagne sealer. Yes, it’s true that Champagne generally goes down easy, once that cork is popped. But there are times, at least in my world, when that bottle needs to be resealed to be enjoyed at a later date. Say, for example, you want to have a Champagne toast but need to go back to work afterword. (I try to make that a frequent occurrence.) Or what if you want to celebrate with someone but they have to drive and only have half a glass? Now, I have no problem believing you can’t take care of the whole rest of the bottle on your own. But wouldn’t that last glass taste better at another time, when your taste buds are fresh and excited for the crisp, thirst-quenching power of a yeasty Champagne?

That’s why I’m recommending the Metrokane Rabbit Champagne Sealer. Even if you want to have a glass of bubbly before dinner and finish the bottle after your meal, this Champagne sealer will keep optimal fizz. (The sealer works on any style of sparkling wine from Prosecco to Cava to Cremant. And it can also be used to store still wine overnight.)

Of course, there are other Champagne sealers on the market. I’ve tried them all and this is the only one I’m anxious to recommend.

The superior Champagne sealer

What sets the Metrokane Rabbit apart from other sparkling wine stoppers is the twist top. Like a typical bottle topper, you push the stopper into the bottle. But with this Champagne sealer, rather than just clamping the holder in place, you screw the handle grip to lock the seal tight. Is it as good as a freshly corked bottle. I find that it keeps a bottle of sparkling wine tasting pretty much like it’s freshly opened for up to about twelve hours. And in my opinion, if the bottle is left undisturbed, this sealer will hold bubbles reasonably well for 3-4 days. But I know, who would ever wait that long to finish a bottle of bubbly?

If you’d like to try my favorite Champagne sealer for yourself, visit the Rabbit website or you can order it from Amazon.

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