Metrokane Rabbit Champagne Sealer

Metrokane Rabbit Champagne Sealer

Metrokane Rabbit Champagne SealerOur test kitchen is loaded with gadgets but Metrokane’s Rabbit Champagne Sealer easily hits our top 10. What sets it apart from other sparkling wine stoppers (most of which we’ve deemed all but useless), is the twist top. Like a typical bottle topper, you push the stopper into the bottle. But with the rabbit, rather than just clamping the holder in place, you screw the handle grip to fasten with a tighter seal. Now, we are very finicky about the state of our sparkling wine but we find a fairly impressive second-day fizz with this toy which will even, left undisturbed, hold bubbles for 3-4 days—as if you would ever wait that long to finish a bottle of bubbly!


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