Avocado Face Mask–feel sexy with this amazing salad for your face

Avocado Face Mask from FarmHouse Fresh is an aphrodisiac for your face

Guac Star

Have you ever been to a party where the best thing about it was the goody bag. Well, we have more than one of those stories. But this is the first time the goody bag was so good that it inspired us to feature a product we got as a party favor! A beauty mask might not sound like the greatest goody ever on the surface. But after you’ve tried the avocado face mask from FarmHouse Fresh, you’ll understand.

Guac Star, a hydrating mask made from avocado, is 99% natural, (although not vegan). It has a surprisingly plush, buttery feel as it’s applied thanks to the vitamin-rich oil in the avocado. (Don’t forget that avocado is a legendary aphrodisiac and a great source of vitamin E, aka The Sex Vitamin.) True, the mask is a mildly off-putting shade of green but once you feel it tingle on your skin as it inspires a natural glow, you’ll go colorblind. In addition to the aforementioned avocado, the mask contains goji berry and antioxidant rich pomegranate as well as green tea, which is an anti-irritant. The maker says the mask is gentle enough to use every day. But we find that once a week makes for deliciously soft, moisture-rich skin. And if you think sexy skin is only for ladies, think again. This mask is so light on fragrance and so heavy on the feel good factor that the boys enjoy it’s hydrating effects just as much as the girls.

The People Behind the Product

After this introduction, we discovered that FarmHouse Fresh is part of a real, legitimate ranch in Texas. All of the company’s products are packed full of real ingredients from American farms, including their own. They make a wide variety of skincare products from raw ingredients from foot scrubs to a pigment lightening serum. And for those who like their beauty with a side of altruism, every purchase goes toward helping rescue animals. For more information, visit FarmHouse Fresh.

The Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate EVER

Valentine's Day Chocolate from Artisanne Chocolatier | Eat Something Sexy

Raising the bar on the sensuality of chocolate

We like to think that when it comes to chocolate, we at EatSomethingSexy have seen it all. So we get incredibly excited when we find something new. And we could hardly believe our luck when we spotted a super sensual work of art on Facebook… and it was made of chocolate! We think our find just might be the best Valentine’s Day Chocolate ever.

Hand-crafted by an artist

Made by Artisanne Chocolatier, these sensual chocolate kisses fill our hearts with love–the love for artistic, chocolatey goodness. They’re made from a 61% dark chocolate shell, molded into the shape of a perfect smile. The chocolate is airbrushed by hand with garnet cocoa butter to perfect the look of a perfectly kissable, lipstick-painted mouth. Chocolatier Artisanne Chocolatier Hand-painted Lips | Eat Something SexyAnne Boulley is the artist behind these and many other confectionary surprises. She explained to us that she fills each chocolate with freeze-dried, organic raspberries and a milk chocolate ganache. These are truly in a different league from any boxed Valentine’s Day chocolate we’ve found.

Now, of course, what you see on Facebook is not always what you get. But since Artisanne ships nationwide, we were able to taste for ourselves. And we can confirm that these chocolate kisses are exciting to eat as they are to view. The candy shell is wafer thin, filled with the perfect balance of soft, sweet ganache and tart, tangy red raspberry. If your lover is into sweet stuff, this seriously is the best chocolate message you could send the one you love.

The chocolates are sold in boxes of seven Raspberry Kisses for $12. To order online, visit Artisanne.

The Aphrodisiac of All-Natural White Truffle Oil | Eat Something Sexy

Oregon White Truffle Oil | EatSomethingSexy.com

The aroma of white truffle oil is a gateway to romance

Some say truffles are the ultimate aphrodisiac for women. Not only are they delicious little nuggets of luxury, the scent of truffles replicates that of a male pheromone. Read more

Metrokane Rabbit Champagne Sealer

Metrokane Rabbit Champagne SealerOur test kitchen is loaded with gadgets but Metrokane’s Rabbit Champagne Sealer easily hits our top 10. What sets it apart from other sparkling wine stoppers (most of which we’ve deemed all but useless), is the twist top. Read more

Black Truffle Mustard–the best mustard you’ll ever taste

Maille Chablis and Black Truffle MustardWe’re mad for Maille. The French company is the king of Dijon as far as we’re concerned. But their Chablis and Black Truffle Mustard just takes things to a whole new level.

The mustard, presented in a black stoneware jar, features a pungent Chablis wine-infused Dijon mustard. That would be enough on its own, it really would. But Maille went for full-blown decadence by adding flecks of black winter truffle. The flavor is intense. Now you might think that the tang of mustard would overpower the black truffle. But no. From the moment you lift off the cork stopper, the aromas of truffle alert your senses that this is no ordinary mustard. It will upgrade your turkey or ham sandwich into something so chic. Maille recommends adding it to mashed potatoes or risotto but we say, just eat it with a spoon!

True, at $43 a pot, it might be the most expensive mustard you ever purchase. But trust us when we tell you, the experience of black truffle mustard is worth every penny!

For more information or to purchase, visit the Maille website.