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Fall in Love with this Juicy White Wine Blend from New York’s North Fork

The Wine of the Week: Coalescence – a juicy white blend from Long Island

by Annette Tomei

2016 Shinn Estate Vineyards, “Coalescence” White Blend, North Fork, New York Shinn Estate Vineyards, "Coalescence," a juicy white wine from the North Fork

Long Island is east of New York City and may be best known for its seaside getaways for a century of rich and famous. Also, as being a large bedroom community of “The City”. For ages, the North Fork of Long Island has been an agricultural community where wonderful potatoes, sweet corn, and happy oysters come from. Read more

Discover Spectacular Wines from Emilia-Romagna–this region’s not just for Parmesan!

amy reileyWoman on Wine with Amy Reiley

Of all Italy’s glorious food and wine regions, Emilia-Romagna may be one of the least known. But it’s a food lover’s dream! If you’re familiar with the name, it’s probably because it’s the origin of Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto de Parma. Those are names we know. But what most of us don’t know about are the wines from Emilia-Romagna.  Read more


This Garnacha is a Spanish Bargain Wine

The Wine of the Week: Monjardin Garnacha

by Annette Tomei

2016 Castillo de Monjardin ‘La Cantera’ Garnacha, Navarra DO, SpainSpanish bargain wine from Castillo de Monjardin

Navarra is located in the north of Spain, separated from France by the Pyrenees Mountains. Winemaking in this region pre-dates Ancient Rome. Aside from its wines, the region is probably best known for the famous “running of the bulls” in Pamplona. Read more


This Brut Rosé from Chile Will Make Your Mouth Happy

The Wine of the Week: Valdivieso Brut Rosé

by Annette Tomei

NV Valdivieso of Chile, Brut Rosé, Curico Valley, ChileValdivieso Brut Rosé from Chile

Valdivieso was the first producer of sparkling wines in South America (Chile), and has been doing so for over 130 years. The grapes for this wine are sourced from the foothills of the Andes mountains where the cool climate allows the fruit to ripen evenly while preserving a balance of acidity. Read more


You Need to Know this Russian River Valley Chardonnay

The Wine of the Week: Joseph Swan Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay

by Annette Tomei

2014 Joseph Swan, Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay, Russian River, Sonoma, CaliforniaAnnette Tomei Reviews Joseph Swan Ritchie Vineyard Russian River Valley Chardonnay

I’m celebrating turning 50 this year, and I’m proud to share my birth year with Joseph Swan Vineyards. When I think of Sonoma County, I think small farms and vineyards, small wineries and artisan producers, friendly people, and an abundance of deliciousness. Read more