Celebrity Flora visits the Galapagos - a cruise for romantics

A Cruise for Romantics and Nature Lovers

The importance of intimacy

Most of us think of cruising with one of the major cruise lines to far off destinations as something about as intimate as a Black Friday in a shopping mall. And that image can be accurate. Many of today’s most popular cruises are more akin to a week in a luxury shopping mall than a chance to share an adventure with your lover. But Celebrity has just launched a new ship and itinerary that is most definitely a cruise for romantics.

Explore one of the world’s most unique ecosystems together

As of Mary 2019, Celebrity Cruises is offering adventurous tours of the Galapagos Islands on a brand new vessel, Celebrity Flora. It’s a ship specially designed for marine exploration. Think a Celebrity Cruise still doesn’t sound so romantic? Flora is a 100-cabin vessel, not one of those super-cruisers clogging ports with endless streams of floral-shirted tourists. The ship is purposefully small and outfitted with eco-friendly innovations, like an anchorless positioning system, to help protect the unique and fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos. Beyond the cruise’s limited size to help control the intimacy of the experience, the Galapagos have strictly enforced crowd restrictions. Which means you’ll never be ear to elbow with passengers from other touring vessels. So basically, this is about as intimate as commercial cruising can get!

Cabins on Celebrity Flora cruising to the GalapagosDoing it in style

And unlike most eco-minded tours, this ship is still aiming toward a luxury experience. Cabins, offered in multiple classes, many cabins offering outdoor verandas. There’s an intimate, outdoor restaurant featuring sustainable seafood and, at night, dinner under the stars. There’s also a stargazing platform for viewing the night sky unobstructed by city lights. And, as you might expect from a tour to such a remote and unique location, there are daily educational talks and activities to help passengers better understand the unusual flora and fauna of the Galapagos.

Dining Under the Stars on Celebrity Flora in the GalapagosIf you want to be her first…

Although Celebrity Flora won’t take passengers on her first romantic odyssey for over a year, the cruise line has just announced that bookings for next year’s itineraries has begun. So should you like to be among the first embark on this cruise for romantics, visit Celebrity’s website ASAP. Details about Floras itineraries and pricing are available at https://www.celebritycruises.com/galapagos/ships/celebrity-flora/.


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