Seriously Sophisticated Wine Country Soda

The soda that drinks like wine

Picnic, barbecue and backyard party season is upon us. And with it comes a craving for a refreshing drink. As much as we love our cocktails, craft brews and, of course, rosé, we all know that alcohol isn’t always on the menu. What I recommend for parties when alcohol is a no-go is Vignette Wine Country Soda. However, even if you’re partying with a wine or spirits drinking crowd, I recommend keeping these non-alcoholic alternatives on hand. They’re lower in sugar that sodas and they’re great for making sure the whole crowd has a drink to enjoy.

An all-natural soft drink alternative

These alternatives to main stream sodas are all natural, lightly sparkling and not so sweet. In fact, there’s no added sugar. Flavors are in keeping with a wine theme and include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Rosé from varietal grapes. And yes, as the name implies, the company really uses grapes from California’s Wine Country. (The company is based in Berkeley, just a quick jaunt from Napa and Sonoma.)

As far as flavor goes, these drinks have a profile closer to wine than grape juice. My personal favorite is probably the Chardonnay-based California Brut. In fact, the California Brut makes a pretty good non-alcoholic mimosa. (The fizz is more reminiscent of Champagne than soda.) Wine Country Soda comes in 750ml bottles, so the drinks even has a look and feel reminiscent of wine. However, they also come packaged in individual, 12-oz bottles, if that’s what you prefer. And if you order directly from the company, you can get a sampler pack of all three flavors.

Learn more

For more information, visit the Wine Country Soda website. The sodas are available through many alcohol and gourmet retailers. You can email [email protected] to find a retailer near you.


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