Korbel Sweet Rosé California Champagne

Sweet Rosé Sparkling Wine – an American bubbly with a kiss of sweetness

Korbel Sweet Rosé California Champagne

Wine of the Week with Amy Reiley

I received this bottle as a sample from Korbel. Because it’s a California winery with a reputation for producing sparkling wines of consistent quality at value prices, I am always happy to receive one of their samples with the hope that it will be something I want to write about. But I was leery when I read the label. A California “sweet rosé” sounded suspiciously like a sparkling version of White Zinfandel to me.

Korbel Sweet Rosé California ChampagneAbout this wine

It turns out, I had nothing to fear. Korbel’s Sweet Rosé Sparkling Wine is a perfectly pleasing combination of red and white grapes, blended to create a slightly sweet, effervescent wine. The blend offers comes together in a pleasingly peachy pink to which any girl would feel drawn. Although it does have sweetness, it is a balanced sweetness, backed by a bite of lemon zesty acidity.

The winery did not offer me details on the grapes or percentages in the blend. My guess is that this varies a bit from year to year and since it’s a non-vintage wine, not something that can be supplied. I did find winemakers notes that include mention of Syrah, Gamay and Pinot Noir in the blend. Although I can’t ever know exactly what’s in my glass I can tell you that Korbel’s Sweet Rosé sparkling wine is a fresh, fruity drink with notes of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and red licorice whips.

The verdict

This is not a wine to order if you’re trying to impress your boss or woo a potential suitor with your knowledge of great wines. But the bottom line is, I like it. This is a fun wine for picnics, lazy brunch days and late afternoon drinking with friends. It’s a perfect bottle of bubbly to go with Chinese takeout or chocolate fondue. It’s a wine that doesn’t take itself seriously and you shouldn’t either.

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