Collapsible Wine Glasses

Collapsible Wine Glasses – have your wine and drink it, too

Don’t leave home without one

A picnic isn’t a picnic in our world without wine. That’s why we were beside ourselves with excitement to discover Bluesky Designs Pop Up Wine Glasses. Remember those little camping cups from when you were a kid? The kind that went from a capsule to glass with the pop of a lid and flick of the wrist? Well, now they come in a style with a stem. And we think these collapsible wine glasses are a total game changer for picnics and outdoor concerts.

The glasses stand about 6″ tall when fully unfolded. In other words, they don’t hold as much as a standard wine glass. But there is no shame in refilling. Although they are not dishwasher safe, they are reasonably easy to clean and take up very little storage space. In addition to the classic, clear glasses we were sent as a sample, I’ve seen similar pop up cups for sale in sublimely ridiculous shades of pink and purple. (Perhaps the slogan should be, “Make every wine a rosé!”)

The trick to a great drink experience

We had a little trouble at first getting a leak-free drink. But after tightening the seams, we were able to sip with sophistication from flutes small enough to fit in a pocket when collapsed. In future, I won’t be leaving the office without a pair of collapsible wine glasses.

But drinking from a cup that looks like a toy?

True, these pop up wine glasses are made of plastic. And plastic is not the ideal material from which to enjoy wine. However, speaking as a wine critic, (read snob), I can honestly endorse these cups. They’re fun! They’re a far superior choice to drinking from the disposable plastic cup you’re often handed at festivals, picnics and every other manner of outdoor gathering at which such swill is permitted. And these reusable, albeit kitsch, cups are a far more environmental choice than the take and toss cup you’re likely to be handed at your next outdoor event.

I don’t plan on whipping out a glass to sip a fine Burgundy. But party wine? For any event at which glass is a no-go, I’d choose these collapsable wine glasses every time.

And for a great way to safely clean your crystal glasses in the dishwasher, check out one of my favorite kitchen accessories.


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