Bekah Wright--travel and lifestyle expert

As a freelance travel journalist, Bekah Wright thrives on adventure and exploring the world. So she keeps her passport at the ready and suitcase pre-packed. On Eat Something Sexy, Bekah shares her exploits and misadventures with readers. This includes everything from sheepherding in Malibu to getting a campur-campur treatment in Malaysia. You’ll find her special brand of humor in her column “The Getaway Girl.”

Bekah is a graduate of the University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. In addition to contributing to our site, Bekah writes for publications including Bon Appetit, National Geographic Traveler, American Spa, Yahoo Travel, the Knot, in Touch Weekly and The Los Angeles Times. Most recently, Bekah has been working with Change your Life Travels. This one-of-a-kind webzine is produced a community of people whose lives have forever been changed by travel.

Check out Bekah Wright’s Getaway Girl travel recommendations.


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