Zevia: all-natural soda for the health-conscious soda junkie

all-natural sodaWe hate to admit it but certain members of our staff are addicted to a very un-aphrodisiac drink, diet soda. That’s why jumped out of our chairs when a new product arrived on our doorstep promising to curb our cravings with an all-natural hit of sweet syrup and soda water. Yes, all-natural soda does exist! 

Zevia is made with the natural sweetener stevia as opposed to those man-made products reported to rot your insides (or something close to it). Because stevia isn’t supposed to effect blood sugar, it is an alternative for sugar addicts and diet soda junkies alike. More excitingly, a layperson like myself can pronounce almost every single ingredient on the can’s side label. When was the last time you could say that about a sugar-free soda?

We have to admit that the drink has a touch of a twang “on the finish” as we would say in wine-speak. It is definitely a little bit of an acquired taste but it only took about half a can to adjust from our cola of the moment to Zevia’s more subtle flavor and distinctly different aftertaste. The drink comes in a wide variety of flavors including not only cola but grape soda, lemon-lime, grapefruit, orange and a few featuring aphrodisiac flavors of black cherry, ginger ale and ginger root beer.

For more information, visit http://www.zevia.com/


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