Amicus Sangiacomo Reserve Chardonnay

X Winery “Amicus” Chardonnay

The Wine of the Week
by Annette Tomei

Amicus Sangiacomo Reserve Chardonnay2010 X Winery “Amicus” Chardonnay Reserve, Sangiacomo Vineyard, Palmer Ranch, Carneros, California

X Winery’s founder and winemaker, Reed Renaudin’s maxim is “Bad at rules. Good at wine.” The rules that he is so determined to break? – The ones that say good wine must be expensive and exclusive, and wineries must follow age-old formulas for success. X Winery has achieved over a decade of success with innovative practices and great wines for great prices – All this, and a firm commitment to giving back through a variety of charitable efforts.

Amicus is a special product line for X Winery – one that features single varietals from exclusive vineyards that are widely known for exceptional fruit. Through the application of the no-rules motto, the Sangiacomo Chardonnay achieves refreshing peach and tropical fruit juiciness with well-integrated creamy oak flavors, but without the stereotypical “California Chardonnay” weightiness (also a factor: 13.5% ABV versus the now-typical 14+%).

I tasted this wine with an olive and caper crusted halibut over roast fennel and arugula salad. The pairing was delicious and would only be improved by a decadent drizzle of buerre blanc (white wine butter sauce) to round out the richness of the wine.


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