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Wines for BBQ, Pool or the Beach

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I’m thirsty. It’s hot. What we all need right now is a good glass of wine and a sparkling pool, a barbie or some surf and sand. Beach wines/picnic wines/pool wines are the kind that should slide down easy without breaking the piggy bank. In my mind, they’re generally white or pink, but a light red at cellar temperature can also fit the bill. Below are a few that I’m drinking now, (well, not right this minute but you know what I mean).

In general, try looking for Sauvignon Blancs, Gruner Veltliners, simple, white table wines or whites described as “crisp” on the label. Or, if blush is your color, experiment with different dry roses. These days, most decent stores have at least a dozen roses worth drinking in the under $20 range. And if red is your thing, you can look for young, light wines from New World regions known for good buys like Chile and Australia or, from the Old World, try a Beaujolais (served chilled).

2010 Estate Bottled Sauvignon Blanc
Racy and lively like a New Zealand SB (but without the taste of a newly mown lawn in your mouth), this wine goes down easy. So easy! Its flavors are a mouthwatering salad bowl of honeydew, passion fruit, peaches, lemon and kiwi with just a bit of lemongrass. Serve it by the pool or with a bbq, it just kind of works whatever the occasion.

Hermann Moser
2009 Gruner Veltliner Per Due
A pretty wine with green notes on the nose, its flavors are of crisp apple, white pepper, tart plum and a hint of herb with minerality on the finish. It’s fresh but subdued, the kind of wine that would help you ease into the swing of a summer meal.

Bonny Doon
2010 Vin Gris de Cigare
I’ve written several rose recommendations this summer, most on reasonably obscure wines. Here’s a rose that is easy to find and easy to drink. Pale salmon, strawberry dominates on the nose and dances across the tongue. Lively, fruity zesty, its the wine you drink to revive yourself at the end of a long day.

Frexinet wine for bbq
NV Brut Rose
Just the other day someone asked me rather disdainfully, “Isn’t that stuff cheap bubbly?” My answer is that yes, this Cava is very low priced but it is not a nasty, bulk processed headache in a bottle. It is perfect for a casual party, with its fresh lemon and strawberry flavors and is surprisingly well made for the price.

Deep Sea
2008 Pinot Noir
If I were to drink a red wine on the beach, this would be my wine. It’s aromas faintly mimic the freshness of sea air and in the mouth it is captivating and full-bodied without feeling heavy. With a bit of berry up front and a whole lot of spice at the back of the palate, it is a go-to wine for fresh caught, oily fish.


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