Woman on Wine

with Amy Reiley

It’s proven that women are more sensitive than men to the subtleties of taste.  They also tend to give more provocative, enticing descriptions of wine. That’s why we have women do our wine writing. (We do also welcome the views of men but our two wine columnists happen to both be women.) Enter Woman on Wine.

Amy Reiley, aphrodisiac foods expert and wine writerIn her monthly column, Woman on Wine, our internationally recognized wine and spirits writer and woman on wine Amy Reiley brings us her personal tasting notes. Inspired by wine trends and sometimes just a great wine, Reiley’s column goes in-depth into wine topics you want to learn about, with tasting notes for wines you’ll be running out to try.

LVE rose--one of my favorite vacation wines

Summer Vacation Wines

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley In my head, I’ve been planning this installment of Woman on Wine to be “what I drank on my summer vacation.” Perhaps because I have a first grader,  I took on the challenge as though it was a primary school essay. But when I actually began to record the […]

Why you should drink Champagne in summer

Drink Champagne in Summer…Just Because

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley This time of year, I’m typically hired to write about rosé. It is THE wine of summer these days. And that’s wonderful. I love rosé. It’s made from red wine grapes removed from the skin so that the resulting wine is generally light and crisp–perfect for summer. So why […]

2009 Dom Perignon

Aged Champagne–the exciting experience of tasting great Champagne as it ages

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley Last month I attended a seminar on what happens when Champagne ages. The truth is, the presenter didn’t delve too much into the chemistry or history of aging Champagne. So I don’t feel as though I walked away with a greater understanding of what happens in the bottle. But […]

Ktima Biblia Chora Areti White--why you should drink Greek white wines in summer

Greek White Wines for Summer–what you need to know

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley Last month I mentioned having the intention of writing a story on Greek white wines for summer. But I got sidetracked when I fell head over heals for one very unique Greek winery. Well, this month, I’m back on track and I’m going to give you the original story. […]

Parparoussis Petite Fleur Rosé - a Greek wine made from indigenous grapes

Parparoussis Winery – Greek wines from indigenous grapes

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley A few weeks ago I attended a tasting of Greek wines with the intention of getting a handful of new recommendations for a “white wines for spring” sort of article. I did not expect to be swept away by the wines of one very special winery and the people […]


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