Woman on Wine

with Amy Reiley

It’s proven that women are more sensitive than men to the subtleties of taste.  They also tend to give more provocative, enticing descriptions of wine. That’s why we have women do our wine writing. (We do also welcome the views of men but our two wine columnists happen to both be women.) Enter Woman on Wine.

Amy Reiley, aphrodisiac foods expert and wine writerIn her monthly column, Woman on Wine, our internationally recognized wine and spirits writer and woman on wine Amy Reiley brings us her personal tasting notes. Inspired by wine trends and sometimes just a great wine, Reiley’s column goes in-depth into wine topics you want to learn about, with tasting notes for wines you’ll be running out to try.

California Cabernet Sauvignon Recommendations

In Celebration of California Cabernet Sauvignon

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley Inspired by another assignment from Gayot.com, I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before in the context of my Woman on Wine column: talk about Cabernet Sauvignon. (Specifically, I’m dedicating this column to California Cabernet Sauvignon.) True, I’ve included individual Cabs and Cabernet-based blends in stories in […]

Best Sparkling Wines and Champagne of the Year

My Favorite Sparkling Wines & Champagne of the Year

Woman on Wine by Amy Reiley If you follow me on social media, you’re aware of the river of Champagne and sparkling wine I had to drink my way through over the past month. It was part of my first assignment for my new commitment, running the wine section of Gayot.com. I tasted hundreds of […]

High Alcohol Wines to Get Your Party Started

High Alcohol Wines–bottles guaranteed to get the Holiday party started

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley I recently posted to Facebook that I was working on the Thanksgiving wine list for Gayot.com. I was surprised to get negative pushback from some of my colleagues. Basically, they just objected to the fact that it’s a tired concept. Ok, agreed. But what do consumers want this time […]

Gosset Grand Reserve Brut

What Does a Wine Critic Drink?–a week in the life of a wine writer

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley Each month I try to select a theme for my Woman on Wine column that provides an opportunity to feature a grape or region or winery. I love the chance to offer information on a wine that might be a new discovery or unlock some mystery about the world […]

2017 Hilldersden Rosé-one of my favorite wines for Indian Summer

Wines for Indian Summer–wines that suit the in-between season

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley I know I said earlier this summer that I wanted to guide readers to wines other than Rosé for summer drinking. And I did. But now that the air is turning crisp and the leaves prepare to fall, I’m going to talk about that ubiquitous summer wine. Why have […]


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