Vancouver Ice Cream Tour

Vancouver Has an Ice Cream Tour?–here’s how to sign up!

Vancouver is an ice cream destination

I scream, you scream, Vancouver screams for ice cream! Apparently Vancouver residents have a bit of a sweet tooth because this summer ice cream tour is back for a third year. Created by tour company Off The Eaten Track, the Gourmet Ice Cream tour includes 6 scoops of ice cream and 35 minutes of light walking to discover some of the city’s best licks.

The tour, which runs from now through the end of September, takes guests to four ice cream destinations in three different, iconic neighborhoods. It begins at Railtown Cafe and a taste of three flavors as well as a bit of a historic tour. Then on to Cadeaux Bakery on the edge of Gastown for ice cream sandwiches. Next is Soft Peaks for soft serve made from local, organic milk. The tour ends at Chinatown’s Virtuous Pie. Guests will be treated to a sweet sendoff of cashew and coconut-based frozen desserts.

Get your tickets

The tours are offered every Thursday from 5-7pm and Sundays from 3-5pm. To make reservations, visit the Off the Beaten Track website.


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