Top 5 Aphrodisiac Recipes of 2016 1

Top 5 Aphrodisiac Recipes of 2016

Celebrating our most popular recipes of the year

2016 was a delicious year for us. We got a new site design, introduced The 10 Steps to Sexy Diet, added a Travel News section and expanded our guide to aphrodisiac foods. And while these all seemed to be hits with our visitors, it was our recipes that really got the buzz. We weren’t surprised to learn that a pancake recipe made the list. And we expected there would be a dessert. But we weren’t expecting the list would be rounded out by a chili, a sandwich and a salsa. In case you missed them, here are the top 5 aphrodisiac recipes of the year:

quinoa and vegetable chili

Quinoa and Vegetable Chili
aphrodisiac lobster sandwich

The Perfect Lobster Sandwich


cranberry persimon salsaCranberry Persimmon Salsa

pumpkin pie spice pancakes

Buttermilk Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Lardons

Top 5 Aphrodisiac Recipes of 2016 3

Hand-Rolled Dark Chocolate Truffles



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