scavenger hunt clues

the sexy christmas scavenger hunt CLUES

scavenger hunt cluesThe Sexy Christmas Scavenger Hunt CLUES

by donna whitehouse

Notes and suggestions for Christmas scavenger hunt:You
must hand your partner the first clue, or tell him where
to find it. (Like: “Look under the tree“).
The remaining clues will all be found next to the gifts
as they are discovered.Have all the presents and clues
in their hiding places before you begin. I have suggested
that you hide yourself in the car, as the final prize.
This is, of course, weather permitting. Depending on
your geographic local, you might want to find an alternate
spot or you might be too cold for things to get hot!

Clue #1
Holidays are filled with cheer
Merry making with wine and beer
To find your gift which is simple and nice,
Go to a place that is cold as ice.

Merry Christmas and cheers to you
Now drink a glass before the next clue.
Did you obey your instructions?
I am watching you!
That’s better! (Don’t make me get the whip out!)
Now put your mind in the right frame
For you have much to gain
Pour yourself another glass,
And take it to the next task.

Clue #2
Move onwards toward your next goal
(This is going to try your soul)
Visit a place where you go to get clean
When you arrive, you’ll see what I mean.

You clever creature, you did it again,
Now unwrap the gift and jump right in
Make sure you have your wine to drink
Then into the tub you deeply sink.
Did you add your gift to the bath water?
Obey your instructions, or there will be no reward.
Relax all your muscles and turn on the jets
And remember–you ain”t seen nothing yet!
You are required to spend 15 minutes minimum to an hour
maximum in this tub or else. When you’ve done your time,
you may proceed!

Clue #3
Now that you are relaxed and at ease,
Do not think I am easy to please
You must go now to seek a drawer,
A place where intimate things are,
Which isn’t far
There you’ll find something beyond par.

Now slide this on without delay
Do they feel and look okay?
More than okay, you are sexy and hot,
I already know I like this a lot!

Clue #4
I’ll bet your wine glass is empty by now?
Go for a refill, and more fun I’ll vow.
While in the kitchen open a door
Which often is hot, like what’s in store.
More, in store, for you, amour!

Yum, Yum, try some
You’ll need your strength before you’re done.

Did you try a candy?
Remember to obey the instructions!
And take the box with you to the next clue.

Clue #5
This game is not for the weak of heart
To win the prize you must be smart.
Look where you place your head at night
For something that is out of sight.

Romance goes with candlelight
To create a mood that’s right
So light this up right now
To give the room some wow

Place the lit candle on the nightstand
And put the box of chocolates next to it.
You must feed me one later!
Think about how you will do this!

Clue # 6
Next you must go to an office place
And there’s no time to waste
Look in a brief case
And go with haste!

Later tonight you will use this on me
So, I hope you like what you see
Take a whiff-it smells nice
And later, it will add some spice!

Clue # 7
For the next task check your email
At this assignment you must not fail
This is your most important clue
So do it now without further ado

Email message:
If you are reading this now, you’ve come a long way
You’re very resourceful, I must say.
You’ve figured things out, and worked so hard
That it’s high time for your reward.

Clue # 8
Are you wondering where I am?
You will find me–I know you can!
What takes us where we need to go?
Without it we would be “no show”.


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