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The Hip Flask – don’t leave home without it

Why we need a hip flask now more than ever

We originally published this story by Melissa Willbanks in 2007. The world has changed a great deal since then but there’s one thing that  has not: the usefulness of a hip flask. In fact, you could argue that hip flasks are more necessary today than ever. So for that reason, we’ve updated this story to help you find that hip flask that suits your personal style and your love affair with whatever hootch you need to get you through the evening news. 

The rationale

“Where would I need a flask?” you may be asking.
Our response: Where wouldn’t you need a flask? Whether you’ve been
invited to a party hosted by someone who hasn’t quite grown out of his fraternity keg party ways or you’ve reluctantly agreed to attend a 17th century poetry reading with the hot new girl in the office, a flask brimming with top-shelf whiskey is sure to get you through. Never mind the tequila you’ll need to get through your next family reunion. But hey, flasks don’t just come in handy during life’s more grim circumstances.
Hitting the slopes wouldn’t be the same without a little nip to warm your bones, and who wants to toast your latest promotion with a stale cup of office kitchen coffee?

So now that we’ve established that there are few places a flask doesn’t come in handy, let’s talk style. Whipping out a pint of Ketel One from your bag ranks right up there on the tacky scale with skulking away from what’s-his-name’s place with your panties stuffed in your purse. You need a flask that says “class act” or one that purrs, “Hey baby, wanna share a drink?” Decide what you want your flask to say about you, and let’s go shopping.

A hip flask for every style

For the animal in you: furry faux leopard flask, $7
The Hip Flask -  don’t leave home without it 1The Hip Flask -  don’t leave home without it 3

When you feel like a bad girl, a very, very bad girl: coral faux-croc, personalized women’s hip flask, $17 on Easy

Coral Crocodile Hip Flask for Women
Oh so coy: This tricky number looks like binoculars but unscrew the lens and fill’er up baby. Barnocular flask, $13

Barnoculars Binocular Hip Flask

Now THAT’S what I call a mini-bar: This black case conceals three bottle compartments, a silver serving tray and all the equipment you need to produce perfect martinis on the road. Concession Express Portable Bar, $80

The Hip Flask -  don’t leave home without it 5The Hip Flask -  don’t leave home without it 7
When you feel dainty: This flask comes complete with a shot glass so you can be very ladylike when you’re knocking back a few. And it’s under $10 for Prime members on Amazon! $9.75

The Hip Flask -  don’t leave home without it 9The Hip Flask -  don’t leave home without it 11

When you want to look like you’re in high demand. The smart phone flask is the ultimate not-so-high-tech accessory, $8

The Hip Flask -  don’t leave home without it 13The Hip Flask -  don’t leave home without it 15

When you feel ready to flaunt your dependence on alcohol, this electroplated flask from Urban Outfitters really helps you put it out there, $14

Urban Outfitters Electroplated Hip Flask

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