the devil's cut

The Devil’s Cut–a cheeky whiskey from Jim Beam

The Devil’s Cut is the sinful version of the Angel’s Share

Jim Beam’s new Devil’s Cut premium Bourbon whiskey plays on bourbon-making’s notion of “angel’s share” in a very sinful way. The bottling incorporates the liquid that is still trapped in the barrels after the bourbon aging process is complete. This rich, heavily-oaked liquid is then blended with extra-aged Jim Beam to create a very unique (and, we must say, rather aphrodisiac) drink. Devil’s Cut’s aromas are powerful but pretty—a combination of baking spice, vanilla and faintly floral cologne. A robust spirit, its flavor is full, fleshy, bitter and caramelized with loads of vanilla from that oak influence.

How should you serve the Devil’s Cut?

Jim Beam recommends drinking it neat. But some of our team find the bitter note on the finish that lingers like recently cut hay (or what we imagine it tastes like), a little overwhelming. Some drinkers will love it, but if straw isn’t to your taste, a cube or two of ice will mellow the flavor enticingly. Whiskey sissies can serve with cola but we think such a big, bold spirit is really made to stand on its own.

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